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A truck driver in Britain barely escaped with his life when another truck passed within inches from his broken-down vehicle.


A new report into the crash that critically injured funnyman Tracy Morgan and killed comedian James McNair has revealed that the Peterbilt semi that caused the accident was traveling at 20 miles per hour over the speed limit. It's also alleged that the truck driver behind the wheel of the semi ignored construction signs and drops in the speed limit leading up to the traffic backup where the accident occurred.


Many years ago, some jerk smashed in the rear quarter panel of yours truly's 1985 Pontiac Parisienne Safari with a hockey stick. How do we know they used a hockey stick? Because we found the hockey stick in the back of the Pontiac. At that point in time, the poor Parisienne was only running on seven cylinders (we know that because of a compression test) and got parked for the rainy season. Our girlfriend at the time was concerned that our weather-sealing method wasn't very sound. But what do gir


Thank in part to Willie Nelson and Carl's Corner, long haul truckers were some of the first big proponents of biodiesel in America. The new BioTrucker Fuel Card will not only help eco-ready truckers to find service stations that sell the biofuel, but can also save them at least a little bit at the pump. BioTrucker, a National Biodiesel Board website, is now offering the card that is accepted at over 5,000 "truck stops and truck accessible locations" in the U.S. Three stations (Sapp Bros. Travel


It's rush hour, and you're late for work. Needless to say, you've got absolutely no patience for the trucker trying to merge onto the freeway, so you speed up to ensure you won't end up behind him. Later on, you cut another truck off to get into a faster lane... then slam on your brakes when the "fast" lane screeches to a halt.

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