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truck fail

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    Video: How to unload a truckload of bamboo poles

    Have you ever wondered why home improvement delivery trucks have that little forklift piggybacking on the back of the trailer? To make unloading all the heavy supplies easier, of course. But what happens if you're trying to unload a massive amount of bamboo quickly and without a forklift? For ...

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    Video: Truck crashes on overpass, rains sheep down on motorists

    In one of the more bizarre and macabre accidents we've ever seen, a truck carrying 400 sheep turned on its side on an overpass in Australia yesterday, ripping the trailer open and tossing the hapless livestock onto the traffic below, according to reports. One car rolled over four times and a ...

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    Video: How not to rescue your truck from a frozen lake

    How not to rescue your truck from a frozen lake - Click above to watch video after the jump
    There's a reason tow truck drivers charge so much money for their talents. Extricating a vehicle from a sticky situation is an art that requires more skill than simply knowing where to hook the cables ...

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    Video: Wince-inducing Chevy Silverado jump attempt

    Chevy Silverado takes a leap of faith – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    We'd bet that most Dukes of Hazzard fans figured out by age 10 that no 1969 Dodge Charger could take the abuse dished out by the Duke boys. And even if you thought the General Lee could really nail all ...


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