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5Volvo finds eco-driving improves fuel economy 10-15% in trucks

Getting drivers to change their behavioral patterns is quite difficult, but the fuel economy payoff can be huge. Consumer Reports has been informing passenger car drivers about the consequences of hitting the gas pedal, and now the Volvo Group is participating in a project to improve commercial truck driver behavior.

AddTrucking association files appeal in federal court on CARB regulation

The California Construction Trucking Association has filed a notice of appeal with the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. It's the latest in a two-year legal battle against the California Air Resource Board's heavy-duty, on-road truck and bus regulations. The CARB diesel engine regulation will force the replacement of most diesel-powered commercial motor vehicles that don't meet 2010 US Environmental Protection Agency standards in order to operate in the state.

16Study: Half of all European truck drivers don't wear their seatbelts

Volvo truck during crash testing – Click above for high-res image

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