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16Detroit auctioning off hundreds of surplus vehicles, including vintage trolleys

The financial difficulties facing Detroit, MI, are well known with examples including not having the funds to replace batteries in its parking meters and at least considering selling off its art collection. To make some extra money, the city is holding a public auction on November 5 where it's getting rid of what it is calling surplus vehicles. Usually, Autoblog wouldn't cover a municipal auction, but a few of the lots are so interestingly bizarre that they need to be seen.

8Hybrid streetcar to lead Savannah Climate Action Parade

The sweet Southern city of Savannah has gotten North America's first hybrid streetcar rolling along its historic River Street in time to lead the parade this Tuesday celebrating Climate Action Week. The trolley was re-engineered and refurbished in Altoona, PA by TranSystems and will run on biodiesel derived, in part, from used cooking oil from some of the city's many restaurants. Although the drivetrain is pretty high-tech and it has modern touches like wheelchair accessibility, it sports a nost

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