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Watch as a wind storm in Australia escalate in just a few seconds, from a few branches coming down to complete pandemonium. It was all captured on dashcam footage.


Last year we spoke about the Mongol Rally and even interviewed one of the participating teams. What's this? A charity rally departing three European cities (this year: London, Milan and Madrid) that tries to reach Ulan Bator, the capital city of Mongolia. In order to participate in this rally, cars should have engines under 1 liter of capacity (and motorbikes under 125 cm3) and teams have to raise at least £1,000 to participate. This year, the Spanish teams will have a partner, Bosques Nat


When we mention Brazil, we're usually speaking about their aggressive ethanol (alcoól) policy or their availability of flex-fuel cars. But today we're speaking about a creative proposition: The Brazilian Câmara dos Deputados is discussing a bill which will make planting trees mandatory as a means of paying fees for certain legal proceedings. Which ones? Getting married, getting a divorce, buying a new car or trading estate.


Figure of the day: In a country where half of the surface is covered by forests (such as Spain), trees capture 20 percent of that country's CO2 emissions. This nice information masks two facts: we still have 80 percent of those emissions still to reduce and that the group that is currently spreading this information, the FBYCC (Forum of Forests and Climate Change) is asking for forest owners to be compensated. Seventy percent of Spanish forestsare held in private hands.


Some of our readers aren't very fond of carbon offsetting programs and I do share quite a dose of skepticism about this matter, here's some research that affirms that planting trees, although some species more than others, can effectively capture CO2 from the atmosphere and convert it into organic tissue.

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