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AddThanksgiving Travel To Be Complicated By Rain, Snow

Some Thanksgiving travelers along the East Coast were heading out early because of a forecast calling for a nor'easter that will bring rain and snow.

18Bike Lanes May Actually Reduce Commute Times

Everyone sees the benefits of protected bike lanes

Since 2007, America's biggest and busiest city has installed over 30 miles of protected bike lanes and has seen benefits for not only bikers, but drivers as well.

29Think air travel is risky? Try driving a car

Aviation Is Safer, But Our Perceptions Of Risks Are Skewed

It was a terrible stretch for aviation.

14New Algorithm Shuns Speed, Finds Most Beautiful Route Instead

Developers in Spain use crowdsourcing and online sources to find the scenic way

Mapping services like Mapquest are used to find the quickest route from point A to point B, regardless of the quality of the route. A team of researchers in Barcelona, Spain want to change that with a new algorithm designed to get users to their destination in the most pleasant way possible.

17Fourth Of July Is A Terrible Day To Be On The Road

Drivers can expect a wide assortment of problems with Independence Day travel

Planning a road trip over the Independence Day weekend? After reading this, you may want to just stay home. Experts say drivers will endure heavy traffic, high gas prices and high numbers of traffic fatalities on the nation's roadways throughout the July 4 weekend.

3On The Road To Pebble Beach In A 1939 Packard

We took one through twisty Pacific Northwest back roads, heading for Pebble Beach

One by one, the engines of 22 classic cars come alive. Some cough with a ragged wheeze, some need coaxing and some hum with European precision. Whatever their personality, they all start. This is the first miracle of the road trip.

8AAA expects more Memorial Day weekend drivers than last year

Memorial Day weekend is always a good opportunity to hit the road, and despite the sour state of the economy, AAA feels this weekend will see more travelers in their cars than last year.

AddAmerica Hits The Road This Memorial Day

Nearly 35 Million People Will Travel 50 Miles Or More Over The Weekend

More Americans will travel this Memorial Day weekend compared to last year, as gas prices continue to drop and hotel prices rise, according to AAA estimates.

2One Couple's Land Cruiser Lands In Guinness Book Of World Records

More than 400,000 miles on the odometer, and still globe trotting

The Land Rover has been on the road for more than 27 years, and amassed more than 400,000 miles on its odometer.

3Mercedes offering Spirit of AMG "Emotion Tours" to Affalterbach

Unless you're into robot spotting, it doesn't take many factory tours before you punch the 'Been There Done That' card. Of course, there are exceptions, such as when AMG bundles tours of its Affalterbach facilities with excursions like jazz concerts, golf, and driving its growling wares over the rivers and through the mountains of Bavaria and Switzerland... or Hockenheim.

12A study of developed nations suggests they have hit 'peak travel'

While the debate over peak oil rages on, a new yardstick has emerged: "peak travel."

34Projected Memorial Day traffic rises to 28 million travelers - Where are you headed?

Unless you've had your head glued to a computer monitor for the past month (like we have), odds are you know it's Memorial Day weekend. Thanks to a modestly improving economy and bottom-basement deals on accommodations and flights, this year's summer kick off is slated to see quite a few more travelers than last year. Consumer Reports says that all in all, 32.1 million Americans will be leaving home for a little R&R over the three-day weekend. That number is up a full two million travelers c

9Man driving around the globe in Bridget the Midget for charity

Fifty-two-year-old Briton Roy Locock decided to drive around the world to benefit charity. A circumnavigating spin behind the wheel is almost passe these days, but Locock's choice of wheels certainly isn't: a 1977 MG Midget. He bought the car -- named Bridget -- in 2006, and after taking it on a tour of Spain and Italy, began a restoration. Not long afterward he figured Bridget needed to get out and see some things.

AddBoaz Frankel goes on an "Un-Road" trip

Click above and scroll down to watch the video

13The story of the Vantage that crossed Asia finally finished

Click above for gallery of shots from the book Driven Together

7The cars of Ystafell: vintage Icelandic metal

Click above for a hi-res gallery of cars at the Transport Museum at Ystafell

6Dunhill creates luggage for Bentley's lords and ladies

Click above for more images of the Bentley luggage collection by Dunhill

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