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    Car Gifts for Christmas: Stuff For Under the Tree

    'Tis the season once again. We were scratching our heads wondering what to get the car-obsessed men and women in our lives, so we made some lists. This first list contains ideas for stuff that goes under the tree, the kind of car gifts that don't cost an arm and a leg but go over well with the ...

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    Exclusive: Navteq acquires Trapster

    Earlier this week, the ink dried on a deal for Navteq to acquire Trapster, the speed trap and road hazard tracking company that makes GPS apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Navteq's interest in Trapster is obvious: One of the world's largest mapping and sat-nav software companies needs more ...

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    Trapster for iPhone hits 4.0, Android and WebOS updates on the way

    Trapster 4.0 for iPhone – Click above for image gallery
    Some of you might be devout Traspter users already, if so, you're likely aware that the 4.0 release of the popular speed trap and red-light camera app hit iPhones last month with a host of tweaks. Major updates for both Android and ...

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    Trapster exposes speed traps on your mobile device

    "Your mobile phone alerts you as you approach speed traps." That's the idea behind Trapster, an innovative service that uses technology, not the age-old flashing headlamps approach, to notify other drivers of a police speed trap. Motorists who come across an enforced speed zone are encouraged to ...


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