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35UK motorcycle ad attempts to scare riders into safety

Scared straight. That seems to be the tactic of a new advertising campaign from Transport for London, which shows a man lying on his back in motorcycle gear with a broken and battered bike not far from his broken and battered body. Surrounded by paramedics, the man, who's mouth is moving but nothing else, says, "I'm going into cardiac arrest now. Silly place to overtake, really. Still, you live and learn – don't you?"

28London motorists owe about $270M in congestion charges

Drivers in the UK owe a staggering $270 million in congestion charge fees, according to Transport for London. Surprisingly enough, that figure comes even as the number of those attempting to avoid paying the fines has declined. In 2010, 52,103 drivers skipped out on paying, while that figure plopped down to 33,684 in 2011. Transport for London says a "significant" amount of the owed money can be chalked up to diplomatic missions that refuse to pay up. Authorities in the UK have begun pursuing of

6More reasons to choose car-sharing: serious health benefits

The next time you go visit your doctor for a check-up, go ahead and take a car-sharing vehicle. Why? Because that way you can say that you're actively engaging in a mode of transportation that helps your health.

AddFour Mitsubishi i-MiEVs added to City of London fleet

London Mayor Boris Johnson has kicked off his plan to add 1,000 electric vehicles to his city's fleet by taking delivery of four Mitusbishi i-MiEVs this week. The cars were paid for in part by the UK government's Low Carbon Procurement Programme and will be used by Transport for London (TfL). TfL will use the cars to check out road construction projects around the capital to make sure that traffic is flowing smoothly.

AddMotorcyclists urge London to keep bus lanes open

Motorcyclists using London's red bus lanes – Click above for high-res image gallery

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