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    Report: Ford, GM co-developing 9- and 10-speed gearboxes

    The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid and Ford with partner with General Motors on new transmission technology. Has anyone dusted off that old Mayan calendar lately? We're not sure that a Ford/GM tech share speaks to the end of days, but we're not ruling ...

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    Next-gen GM six-speed automatic to boost mileage another 5 percent

    It's only been a year since General Motors launched its 6T40 six-speed automatic transmission for mid-size and compact cars. When it was introduced, this new transmission brought with it a five percent bump in fuel efficiency. The engineers at GM Powertrain are now developing a second generation ...

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    Chrysler sues Getrag over U.S.-built dual-clutch trannies

    Chrysler has managed to stay out of the doom and gloom news for a few weeks now, which goes to show that going private can have its benefits. But things couldn't stay quiet forever, and as if the company needed something else to deal with, it's now in row with German transmission supplier Getrag ...

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    Hyundai aiming to lose weight, increase efficiency by 2015

    Like every other automaker that intends to do business in the U.S., Hyundai is planning for the future and the proposed fuel economy standards that are expected to hit in 2015. Currently, Hyundai's passenger cars average 32.4 mpg, while its trucks average 25.5 mpg. When the new regulations are in ...

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    Mercedes-Benz might dump its transmissions

    Unlike many carmakers, Mercedes-Benz has traditionally built its own transmissions . It has even supplied them to others, such the slushbox that they sold to Porsche for the 928. Economic realities could soon cause that to change, as the team from soon-to-be Daimler AG investigates outsourcing ...

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    Ford shifts production back into gear at seven plants after identifying transmission defect

    Ford was forced to halt production at seven assembly plants after finding a quality problem with a transmission component, but all seven plants affected by the stoppage should be up and running again today. A supplied component, described as "a clutch mechanism that helps make the ...

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    More on the Honda Fit (including video)

    The Auto Channel has an extensive article on the Honda Fit, which recently went on sale in the U.S. It delves a little deeper into the five-door subcompact: a summary of its main features; in-depth discussions on the vehicle's exterior, engine and transmissions; an overview of the chassis; a look ...


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