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    Autoblog End-of-Summer Road Trip Gadget Guide

    There's less than one month of summer left and many of you have yet to take a vacation. Might we suggest a road trip? Whether you head out to see Wally World or the world's biggest ball of twine, many challenges await you along the way. Between lousy truck-stop food, random mattresses left in the ...

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    VIDEO: Transporter 3 trailer #2 shows more Audi A8 co-star

    Lionsgate has released the second trailer showcasing that buff delivery guy with the English accent, and if you thought Transporter 2 was an all-out sprint on the ludicrous side, wait until you get a load of the stunts in Transporter 3. It not only shows off more of Statham's body and his 1-liner ...

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    VIDEO: Fast and Furious 4 trailer debuts

    Click above for gallery of stills from Fast and Furious 4Could it be? Could the fourth installment of The Fast and the Furious be... as good (we use that word loosely) as the first movie? Perhaps even good enough to make us forget the installments that followed, both of which tried to shoot poison ...

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    VIDEO: Transporter 3 trailer debuts, could be worse than Transporter 2

    The first Transporter was a nifty little romp. The second one was an absurd little romp. This third installment, befitting a director whose last name is Megaton, has absolutely overdosed on the outlandish. But apparently you've all spoken by making the first two profitable, and this is what you ...

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    Quantum of Solace trailer shows little bit of Aston, lot of movie

    We have to admit, when we heard the next Bond film was going to be called "Quantum of Solace," we kind of scrunched our faces a little bit. Still, Casino Royale was so good that we figured we'd give it the old innocent-until-proven-guilty treatment. Well, now we've seen the trailer, and it looks so ...

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    Two more Transformers trailers hit the small screen

    Michael Bay is ramping up his marketing machine for his celluloid opus, Transformers, which we all know debuts in theaters on July 4th. In addition to the theatrical trailer already released, Bay just debuted two more trailers for television that have already begun airing betwixt your favorite ...

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    Top 10 ways to motor your home

    The sweltering heat of summer has descended and in some parts of the country it's knocking out power grids left and right. Before the lights go out in your house, perhaps you should prepare a Plan B that involves taking the homestead on the road. To that end we've assembled a list of our Top 10 ...

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    Be afraid - new trailer for The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift

    The third installment of The Fast and The Furious series looks so bad that not even Paul Walker would "act" in it. Ouch. We were down with the first FF because Vin Diesel lives life a quarter mile at a time and so do we. The second episode, however, lost Mr. Diesel to the set of The ...


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