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    Study: Drivers in right-hand lanes tend to speed through yellow lights, left-laners do not

    It seems most studies of amber lights focus on whether cities are using them to gather revenue. The theory – and let's face it, sometimes the fact – is that the light time is so short that drivers end up tripping the red light camera and getting a fine. Conversely, a new study by the ...

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    Study: Traffic congestion goes back up as economy recovers

    There's really no good news about a recession, but if you really hate your commute (and you're not one of the millions of Americans out of work) at least traffic congestion subsides a bit. We don't know about you, but we'd rather see a strong economy even if it means a bit more cars on the road, ...

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    Driving like a jerk reportedly helps to reduce traffic jams

    Drive like a sheep, and you get stuck. Break some rules here and there for the good of traffic flow, and everyone benefits. A new traffic study by physicists at Sweden's Umea University found that while we're all taught to obey the traffic rules no matter what, doing so just makes for bottlenecks. ...


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