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traffic violation

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    Video: Man pays ticket with 137 origami pigs made from dollar bills... in donut boxes

    Getting a ticket from the police is never fun, but some people like to get a little creative when paying their fine. One YouTube user, appropriately named "Bacon Moose," decided to pay a $137 ticket he received in Jersey Village, Texas (near Houston) by creating an army of origami pigs made out ...

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    Report: Delaware to crack down on left-lane slowpokes [w/poll]

    Delaware may be joining Kansas, Oklahoma, Washington and other states in cracking down on drivers who use the left lane for more than passing. A bill in the Delaware legislature would institute fines of up to $230 for drivers who camp out in the left lane on roads with at least two lanes in each ...

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    REPORT: NC neighborhood targeting speeders with paintball guns? This should end well.

    The suburban neighborhoods of Durham, NC has a speeding problem. Well, the neighborhood had a speeding problem until citizens in the area decided to take matters into their own hands. Instead of forming a tighter bond with law enforcement, the citizens of Durham decided it was better to take the ...

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    Good bye baby: Speeder pays ultimate price, loses Viper

    If you're going to wrecklessly disregard traffic laws in the state of Illinois, make sure to do it in a Dodge Stratus. The driver of a black 2000 Dodge Viper learned this lesson the hard way when he was clocked doing 127 MPH in a 35 zone. The clueless motorist was caught red-handed, but he ...


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