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White might be the most popular new car color, but no, San Diego's roadways aren't completely full of white cars. Instead, Vimeo user Cy Kuckenbaker put together a time lapsed video that color coordinates all of the traffic on an average San Diego afternoon.

There has been plenty of debate about whether bicyclists should be able to take up a lane typically reserved for motor vehicles. While that argument is far from settled, we can all agree that hit-and-run accidents between cars and bikes have got to stop.

Keep your secrets, friends. That's the best advice we can give you about keeping your favorite roads traffic-free. Once the word gets out that a particular stretch of asphalt offers a challenging drive, you can all bet that every wannabe heel-toe hero in the area will descend upon it. We've seen it happen on hallowed turf like Rte. 129 in Tennessee, and now it appears that the Nürburgring is beginning to suffer the same fate. The track was recently so packed with drivers that a traffic jam

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