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traffic stop

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    Report: Police officers using controversial network to keep tabs on motorists [w/video]
    Critics Question Constitutionality Of Nationwide Program 1410217200

    Information includes details like motorists' social security numbers, addresses, identifying tattoos and hunches about which drivers to stop. Law enforcement officers across the country have been using a private intelligence network to compile and share detailed information about motorists in ...

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    Video: TX officer allegedly lets 140-mph street racer go with a warning [w/poll]

    Being pulled over by the police is one of the most nerve-racking situations that a driver can go through, and it's even worse when you know that the officer has you dead to rights for speeding well over the posted limit. In this video, the driver of a heavily modified Ford Mustang with a claimed ...

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    Featured: Troubled traffic stops lead to anal probes, civil rights violations [w/videos]
    How The War On Drugs Has Led To Abusive Police Tactics 1393347600

    Amid the battle against illegal drugs, sometimes the most mundane of stops go horribly awry. In the early afternoon hours of January 2, 2013, a police officer pulled over David Eckert for allegedly failing to yield at a stop sign in the parking lot of a Walmart in Deming, NM. This was no ...

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    The breast implant defense?

    Simona Suhoi is a TV star in her native Romania, where she's known as Simona Sensual for reasons we'll leave to you to figure out. Unfortunately for the ample-chested Simona, her best assets may send her to jail for a spell. It seems the busty star's new breast implants were giving her severe ...

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    Video: Lady Camaro driver has bad day, tries to escape police, succeeds in burnout

    This is the last place you want to do a burnout – Click above to watch video after the jump
    When Johnny Law has you and your fourth-generation Chevrolet Camaro convertible cornered, your best bet is to turn off the engine and put your hands where they're clearly visible. While that may be ...


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