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traffic laws

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    ETC: Rolling Coal: America's political divide reaches the roads [w/videos]

    Jason Mendelson was driving his Toyota Prius in the right lane of Interstate 64 near Richmond, Virginia, when a white pickup truck with two protruding smokestacks cut into the lane ahead. After a few moments, the pickup spewed a torrent of black smoke that enveloped his small car. The pickup ...

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    Should left turns be illegal?

    If you sit down and think about it, the notion of making a left turn across oncoming traffic at a stoplight is pretty absurd. All that stands between you and certain oblivion is the hope that other drivers headed your direction are obeying the speed limit and paying enough attention to notice ...

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    Weird auto-related laws: Solo sheep-hauling illegal; drivers can shoot whales

    Photo courtesy Elektra Noelani Fisher.We here at Autoblog observe every most traffic laws. We use our turn signals when changing lanes, we drive the speed limit and we never, ever drive in Alabama while blindfolded. And we always fire our guns when approaching stop signs in Lenior County, ...


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