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traffic congestion

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    Report: Invention turns traffic lights into a game to ease congestion

    Sometimes, we get angry being stuck in traffic. We might be fuming about the person playing on their cellphone that rear-ended someone, or we might blame the person poking along in the left lane. And yes, sometimes, we might just blame the oppressive injustice doled out by traffic lights, ...

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    Official: Honda developing tech that helps prevent traffic jams

    It happens every time traffic gets too heavy and starts to slow: One inattentive driver panics and slams on his brakes, triggering a chain reaction that leads to a complete traffic stoppage a few dozen cars behind. If everyone could just slow down, pay attention, and maintain an even speed, we ...

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    Study: How much time and money does your city's traffic cost you?

    It may feel like you spend half your life in traffic jams, but that's just a delusion. According to this very spiffy – and highly depressing – infographic from Carbuzz, even Chicagoans are spending less than two percent of their waking existence staring at someone's muffler. There. ...

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    Report: And the winner for most congested European city is...

    The trouble with European cities is that most of them were laid out long before the advent of the automobile. Little wonder, then, that nearly all of them suffer from terrible traffic congestion. But which is the most jammed of all of them? Brussels. The Belgian capital is also the seat of NATO, ...

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    Study: Traffic congestion goes back up as economy recovers

    There's really no good news about a recession, but if you really hate your commute (and you're not one of the millions of Americans out of work) at least traffic congestion subsides a bit. We don't know about you, but we'd rather see a strong economy even if it means a bit more cars on the road, ...

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    Microsoft launches new Clearflow traffic avoidance system

    Eric Horvitz is the president of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, as well as being an AI researcher at Microsoft. When stuck in traffic one day in Seattle, he asked his nav system to reroute him via side streets, and the result was worse than being stuck on the ...


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