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4Tesla resolves nagging trademark dispute with Czech electronics firm

Tesla Motors, the Silicon Valley automaker that produces the electric Roadster and has inked deals with Daimler and Toyota, has finally worked its way past a long trademark dispute in Europe. The electric automaker's application for the "Tesla" name in the European Union had been blocked by Tesla Holding a.s., a 90-year-old company that supplies communications and broadcast equipment in the Czech Republic.

26Report: BMW sues amusement park over Mini coaster

BMW gave us the Mini Cooper, Mini Convertible and Mini Clubman. We've also seen the Mini Countryman, Mini Coupé and Mini Roadster. Well, how about a Mini roller coaster?

69Total Croc: Porsche suing popular shoe company over naming rights?

Porsche AG is known for vigorously defending its intellectual property. It's understandable, as the company has spent more than half a century building its performance-oriented automotive brand around design patents, logos, and the company's familiar vehicle nomenclature. Crocs, Inc., on the other hand, is a shoe manufacturer credited with introducing the world to low-cost injection-molded foam footwear. Crocs does not build cars... um, thankfully.

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