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trade-in value

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    Hyundai launches Assurance Trade-in Value Guarantee

    Hyundai is making a grab for more customer loyalty than it already enjoys with its newly launched Assurance Trade-in Value Guarantee, which, as its name suggests, guarantees future trade-in values on new car purchases. The move falls under Hyundai's wide-spanning Assurance marketing scheme, and ...

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    NADA adds 'Rough' and 'Average' categories for trade-ins

    It's no secret that the used car market is in a state of flux. As gas prices rise and fall, so does the value of the car currently sitting in your driveway, waiting to be traded in. To help dealerships assign a fair value to your car, the National Automobile Dealers Association has added two new ...

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    Plummeting prices for used SUVs a problem for GM, Ford

    What goes around, comes around... at least in the retail auto business. A combination of high fuel prices and aggressive incentive programs on new vehicles has conspired to put used SUV prices into free fall. According to industry analysts, the wholesale value of used large SUVs in April was down ...


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