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    Nissan GT-R can't take aftermarket wheels, unapproved race tracks are out

    Motor Trend's Scott Kanemura sat down with Michizio Niikura, the president of MINE'S Motor Sports, the first aftermarket firm to get its hands on the new Nissan GT-R. The conversation centered on the roadblocks Nissan has put in place to stymie high speeds and limit modifications to the GT-R.We've ...

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    Maserati drops $1.275 million MC12 Corsa in Madrid

    Maserati is augmenting its Ferrari Enzo-based MC12 GTI with a new Corsa variant. The triton brand plans to build just a dozen examples on a "build to order" basis, and doesn't expect to go through the certification process to for either racing or road use, meaning that Corsa owners will ...


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