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    Official: Silvermine 11SR is Holland's take on the track car

    There are certain defined countries from which you expect to see mainstream cars emerging: the United States, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Britain... But track cars have been coming in from all sorts of different countries. In the past few years alone, we've seen track cars coming ...

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    Video: Magnum releases new teaser vid, pic of MK5

    Magnum, the Canadian manufacturer of the as-yet unrevealed MK5, has released a video of its new car and, well, it's a strip tease. The vid is a followup to a teaser we published last week, and is part of Magnum's promotions for the car's October 30 reveal, which of course, will be covered ...

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    Video: Chevy pits the Camaro Z/28 against the Mustang Boss 302

    As we just learned in our Deep Dive of the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28, Chevy built this car with the track-focused Porsche 911 GT3 and Nissan GT-R owners in mind, but that doesn't mean the Camaro-Mustang rivalry is dead. Using the same Z/28 that just set a 7:37 lap time at the Nürburgring, ...

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    Frankfurt: Radical RXC will turn your commute into a track day [w/video]

    It's been well over a year since we first heard about the Radical RXC, a street-legal, Le Mans-style prototype put together by a brand that's renowned for its nimble track-day weapons. We've reported on the RXC intermittently, although that's hardly down to a lack of desire for the new car. With ...

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    Official: VŪHL 05 mid-engine two-seater powered by Ford EcoBoost announced

    This past spring we reported on the first rumblings of a new, small performance car company starting up in Mexico, called VŪHL (which stands for "Vehicles of Ultra-lightweight and High-performance). Development of the company's first product, the VŪHL 05 seems to be moving along nicely – we ...

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    Official: Bauer Catfish is a Miata-based trackstar in the making [w/videos]

    We're not trying to make a joke here. The creation you see above really is called the Bauer Catfish, and while the name is about as attractive as your average bottom feeder, the car itself is built on a sexy notion. Take the mechanical bits of one 1990-2005 Mazda MX-5 Miata, add in a tube chassis ...

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    Official: Spartan V trackday racer finally ready for prime time [w/video]

    A few things have changed since the Spartan V track car was announced almost three years ago. Back in 2010, the red open-top sportscar from Australia was slated to be a 661-pound apex-hugger with 170 horsepower coming from a 1,200-cc Ducati engine. The slinky red bodywork remains, but the engine ...

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    Official: Radical introduces new entry-level SR1

    Their models may not be for everyone, but at the end of the day, Radical has a winning formula: make an LMP race car for consumers. In fact, the formula is so successful that Caterham and Lola essentially replicated it with the SP/300.R. Radical aims to further its model with a new closed-roof ...

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    Official: BAC Mono now available in U.S.

    Remember the BAC Mono? The 1,190-pound, 280-horsepower, £79,950 single-seater from the UK was inspired by Bjork's "All is Full of Love" video, a car that Autocar scribe Steve Sutcliffe called "Fan-bleeding-tastic." The Mono has a U.S. importer now, that being Sector111, the folks in ...

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    Report: 2012 Lotus Exige headed to U.S. as track-only car

    Lotus may have something special for you if you're still mourning the loss of the Exige here in the States. According to the DuPont Registry, the British sports car maker may be planning to bring the new Exige S to the U.S. as a track-only vehicle for $85,000-$90,000. If true, that means American ...

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    Spartan V track car is a motorcycle on four wheels

    Spartan V track car – Click above for image gallery
    Just when you thought the communal fascination with Frank Miller's 300 had all but washed away, a track machine dedicated to the ancient fighting Spartans hit the scene. Meet the Spartan V – a lightweight all-star with a heart ...

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    Donto Motors P1 to take on Ariel Atom, KTM X-Bow

    Donto Motors P1 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    If you've never heard of Argentina-based Donto Motors before, you're not alone. However, just because this company has remained out of the spotlight doesn't mean they don't have big things in the works – how about a hardcore ...

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    Found for sale: Lotus 11 replica track car

    Lotus 11 replica track car for sale - click above for a high res image gallery
    As we were rolling through Lexington, OH this weekend after leaving the ALMS race at Mid-Ohio, we spotted an interesting yellow car sitting in a lot. This knee-high roadster is a replica of the Lotus 11, one of the ...

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    Fuoss 01 track car coming in 2009

    Click above for high-res shots of the Fuoss 01
    Europeans track junkies have one more option vying for their hard-earned cash. Using the same philosophy as vehicles from Lotus, Caterham and KTM, the Fuoss 01 relies on its light weight for acceptable performance. But with only a 40-hp, 400cc Suzuki ...

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    LusoMotors LM23: 150hp, Honda CBR-powered track car

    Click above for more shots of the LusoMotors LM23Track cars powered by motorcycle engines are becoming increasingly popular as the superbike mills, usually mounted amidships, provide tons of power for their small displacement and low weight. Further evidence of this truth is seen in the LusoMotors ...

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    Lotus 2-Eleven even faster than anticipated

    Click on the photo for a high-res gallery of Lotus 2-Eleven imagesThe Lotus 2-Eleven, unveiled just prior to the Geneva Motor Show, recently hit the track for the first time. Apparently the results were good -- very good, in fact! AutoCar ireports that acceleration for the 1474 lb speedster is ...

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    0-60 in 3 Sec.: RoadRazer track-day car in the works

    Ever wonder what an Ariel Atom would look like with full bodywork? Apparently somebody has. Danish owner and builder Mikkel Steen Pedersen has put together another track-day special that looks like a formula car without the stickers. Called the RoadRazer, this new superlight supercar features a ...

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    Lotus' ultimate track day car "coming soon"

    Now that Lotus has completed work on its upscale Europa and the new entry-level Elise S, the company has set its sights on the launch of yet another Elise/Exige variant, the much-anticipated Lotus "circuit car."The prototype circuit car debuted in 2005, and now that Lotus has cleared the decks for ...


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