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    Video: Modified Trabant takes on Nissan GT-R in 1/4-mile battle

    The little yellow guy in the right lane above with the "Flitzer" license plate looks like a Trabant 601 wagon and it's called a Trabant, but it's got little to do with the impoverished East German runabout that did its part to drive Communist ideals further into the ground. You'd almost be ...

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    Spotted in Berlin: It's a Trabi-Safari, tour the old east side in a Trabant

    A Trabi-Safari in Berlin - click above for high-res image gallery
    For all the high tech engineering wizardry that symbolizes the modern German car industry, the Trabant 601 was the absolute antithesis of it all. The slow, smoky Trabi was a perfect icon for the failure of the ironically named ...

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    Electric Trabant revival slated to debut at Frankfurt

    Herpa New Trabant renderings - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Anyone who's spent any time in East Germany is likely very familiar with the original Trabant, a diminutive automobile that was built and sold in the communist bloc. While the Trabant wasn't a particularly good car, it enjoys ...

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    Finally, a Trabant that's worth something

    Ah, the Trabant 601; endowed with a smoketacular two-stroke engine until its very last years and a body made of a toxic recycled plastic that's similar to what toilet seats are made of, though it's strangely edible. There's a lot of fondness surrounding East Germany's automotive leftovers, though ...

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    Herpa toys with idea of Trabant revival

    Click to view in our high-resolution image gallery If you were born on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain, the Trabant should need no introduction. Ditto if you're a U2 fan. The notorious little sedan, nicknamed "Trabi", was made in East Germany and exported around the world, mostly inside the ...


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