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toyota quality

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    Study: 2011 J.D. Power Initial Quality report praises Lexus, Honda, pans Ford

    The calendar has kicked over to summer, and that means J.D. Power has just updated its Initial Quality report. The 2011 edition of the IQS is a bit surprising, mostly because the quality of new model launches has been trending upward since 2007 for the entire industry on average. The tune has ...

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    Toyota taking "devil's advocate" approach to product development

    If you don't get pinched by the wiper arm on the new Toyota Yaris, you have the company's new "devil's advocate" product development philosophy to thank. The approach entails a team of engineers doing things with the car that Toyota wouldn't normally be able to fathom. The events of the past year ...

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    Report: Toyota audit uncovers 'misunderstanding' among suppliers about quality checks

    Toyota has a long history of building high-quality cars and trucks, but the recent recall of over eight million vehicles for unintended acceleration-related issues showed that no company is without flaws. Toyota has since worked hard to correct the chinks in its armor, adding 40 quality engineers ...

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    Toyota quality chief: "I still think our electronic throttle system is perfect."

    For years, Toyota was seen as an infallible, safe choice for consumers seeking high-quality, reliable and safe vehicles. That may still be the case, but recent events have made it abundantly clear that Toyota is as capable of making major mistakes as any other giant automaker. Perhaps some of ...

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    Autoblog gets seat and simulation time with Toyota's newest safety technology [w/video]

    Inside Toyota's Higashi-Fuji tech center – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Sitting in the shadow of Mount Fuji, Toyota's Higashi-Fuji technical center is part proving grounds and part engineering center. But unlike most facilities, Higashi-Fuji includes an array of engineering and ...

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    Deep-Dive: Behind the scenes at Toyota's R&D center, Part Two

    Behind the Scenes at Toyota's R&D Center – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's impossible to overlook the negative impact the recalls have had on Toyota's reputation for safety and reliability. Seemingly overnight, the automaker that could do no wrong has been brought back ...

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    Toyota to open six new product quality field offices

    As part of its efforts to improve its responsiveness to customer complaints, Toyota is adding six new product quality field offices (PQFO) around North America starting this month. The new offices are to be co-located with Toyota Motor Sales regional offices and focus on investigating and ...

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    Toyota names leader of North American Quality Task Force

    When news of Toyota's recent recall woes began spreading across the U.S., many loyal customers were shocked at what they were hearing. But some customers that were experiencing the very issues that lead to those recalls were likely less surprised, as tales of poor and frustrating customer service ...

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    Toyota plans to trim trucks, focus on hybrids, improve quality

    Stick with what you know. That seems to be Toyota's new mantra going forward, as the Japanese automaker has reportedly diverted its attention away from large trucks like the largely unsuccessful and slow-selling Tundra pickup and back on hybrid vehicles – possibly all wearing the Prius ...

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    Ford ties Toyota in Strategic Vision 2008 Total Quality Awards

    Strategic Vision has announced the results of its annual Total Quality Awards and is touting the performance of Ford this year versus perennial powerhouse Toyota. Both brands have three vehicles each that lead their segments, which include the Edge, Mustang Convertible and F-250/350 for Ford and ...

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    Toyota pres admits quality woes are growing pains

    Duh. Anyone intimate with the product offerings of General Motors over the past three decades could tell you that the bigger an automaker gets, the harder it is to maintain quality levels that your customers expect. Toyota is learning this lesson first hand, and its president, Katsuaki Watanabe, ...

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    Toyota responds to Consumer Reports assessment, says little

    Back in high school, the less popular among us would always take some pleasure in the star quarterback having a bad day on the field. Such was the case yesterday when Consumer Reports revealed that it was no longer recommending three Toyota vehicles: the V6 Camry, V8 Tundra 4WD and Lexus GS AWD. ...

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    Obsession builds perfection at Lexus

    That "Relentless Pursuit of Perfection" thing isn't just a slogan at Lexus apparently. According to this Automotive News piece, Lexus really means it. Nowhere is it more evident than at the plant where Toyota builds its flagship Lexus LS600h L. Seeing themselves in an arms race of perfection, Lexus ...

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    Toyota set to rectify the poor dealer experience

    Toyota has one of the highest loyalty rates of any car brand, something it's earned over decades of building reliable cars and treating customers fairly. So when one of its managers hears stories similar to that of a customer of twenty years switching brands because of the poor treatment received ...


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