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50Toyota reports huge quarterly profit increase, raises forecast for the year

Toyota isn't just the world's largest automaker – so far its the biggest winner for quarterly profits. With an enormous $5.5 billion take during Q2, Toyota took advantage of the weak Japanese yen and strong US demand to record a 94-percent improvement in profit over the same period from last year. So far, Toyota brought in larger profits than Ford and General Motors combined.

43Toyota earns $1.2B in Q1 amidst recall mess

Conventional wisdom might tell you that Toyota should have lost loads of money last quarter in the wake of the company's largest-ever global recall and safety scandal. Perhaps it shouldn't surprise us too much to hear that conventional wisdom would be all wrong. In reality, Toyota reported a profit between January and March of this year of $1.2 billion.

33Report: In spite of recalls, Toyota raising annual forecast

Despite internal predictions that its current throttle-related recall costs may dent company coffers by up to $2 billion this quarter, Toyota has raised its projections for the fiscal year ending in March. That's according to Reuters, who note that the increase comes after the automaker beat its third quarter estimates.

AddToyota in the red, won't meet U.S. production levels

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