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toyota prius price

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    Autoblog Podcast #124

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    Chris, Sam and Dan kick it again for Episode #124 of the Autoblog Podcast. This time, we touch on Toyota's competitive Prius price posturing, the Shanghai Motor Show, where Chinese automakers are finding their design footing, and ...

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    Toyota to take on Insight by cutting Prius base price to $21,000

    With the introduction of the Honda Insight, Toyota is facing the most serious challenge yet to its hybrid dominance since the Prius debuted. While the Insight's hybrid technology is not as sophisticated as Toyota's, it delivers excellent fuel economy, and more importantly, the Insight has a ...

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    Current Prius rumored to get price cut to compete with Insight

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    According to AutoExpress' Japan correspondent, Peter Lyon, when the 3rd generation Prius goes on sale in Europe next year, the current model will continue to be sold at a discount along side its modern counterpart. The rumored decision by ...


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