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toyota prius commercial

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    AdSpotting: Prius goes funny... At Last

    Company: Toyota Motor Sales Brand: Toyota Medium: TV Ad Agency: Saatchi and Saatchi Product: Prius Campaign:"What Happens After Practice" What We Like: Going to back when Toyota launched its very amusing campaign for its Sienna "Swagger Wagon" TV ad and Youtube videos, the Japanese ...

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    REPORT: Toyota Prius ad campaign most liked by TV viewers (w/VIDEO)

    2010 Toyota Prius Harmony commercial - Click above to watch the video after the break
    By now, we've all probably seen the commercials from Toyota's latest marketing campaign for the 2010 Prius hybrid... and we've all probably developed an opinion about them. Any time an advertising campaign is as ...

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    Honda pokes fun at Prius in new commercial

    Hybrid folks, supposedly kinder and gentler people -- at least, to the Earth -- have been calling each other out like crazy lately. Next in line for the slamfest is Honda, making fun of the Toyota Prius "Yes" commercial. The Civic Hybrid "No" commercial argues, among other things, that just ...


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