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toyota prius ad

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    Toyota: Prius exhaust less harmful than sheep emissions

    Toyota Prius versus sheep – Click above to enlarge
    The flatus of the Toyota Prius is less harmful than the flatus of a sheep. Who knew? Apparently, Toyota's Israeli arm, that's who. As you can see from the advertisement above, the methane gas produced by livestock can indeed be worse for ...

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    VIDEO: New Toyota Prius ad channels Vishnu to explain hybrid tech

    Australian Toyota Prius advertisement - Click above to watch the video after the break
    What do you want from me... I've only got two hands?! Wouldn't we all be a bit more productive if we were blessed with another set of upper appendages, complete with opposable thumbs? Toyota apparently thinks ...

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    REPORT: Toyota Prius ad campaign most liked by TV viewers (w/VIDEO)

    2010 Toyota Prius Harmony commercial - Click above to watch the video after the break
    By now, we've all probably seen the commercials from Toyota's latest marketing campaign for the 2010 Prius hybrid... and we've all probably developed an opinion about them. Any time an advertising campaign is as ...


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