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toyota mr2|mr2

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    MR2 redux snagged on transporter?

    Nah. Highly unlikely. In your dreams. That's what the folks at Toyota said as I handed the keys to the MR-S V-Edition back to them earlier this year and asked if Toyota had another mid-engined sports car on the drawing board. So what, pray tell, is this litle number spotted on the back of a Toyota ...

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    Autoblog Project Garage: Project MR2 - Part One - Making it stick

    Click the image above for a high-res pic.With the 2ZZ motor in its new home, the additional 29 pounds of mass behind our heads was causing an excessive amount of understeer. That, coupled with the hard life our stock suspension has had to endure over the last 60,000 miles, made a new set of ...

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    Fun things to do with your MR2: Ferrari 360 replica

    click the pic above to view a galleryWhy is it that people feel the need to saddle perfectly good cars with replica bodywork to make them look like exotics? There's nothing wrong with the last generation Toyota MR2, true, it's no Ferrari, but then again, you can buy an entire MR2 for very much less ...

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    Paging Sarah Connor, your ride is here -- and it's glowing

    A Russian gentleman has a thing for The Terminator and for glow-in-the-dark paint. In a lot of other places -- or a lot of other heads -- that might add up to a painting hung in the tastefully private confines of one's bedroom. Not this time. Instead of a keeping it to himself, he has showcased ...

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    Poor man's Elise: 1,500 pounds, 170 HP, $25k

    Our infatuation with the lightest means of four-wheeled transport has put a number of cars on our must-have list. Today, it's grown by one. La Bala, Spanish for "The Bullet" is the brainchild of Steve Graber, "an average guy in an average garage," whose only goal was to distill outright performance ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: DUAL jet-engined Toyota MR2

    What will people do to get attention these days? The answer to that question can be found in two distinct places: YouTube or eBay. This insane piece of automotive engineering can be found for sale on eBay for a starting bid of $30,000. The ad is very simple. All it states is that it is a 1991 ...

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    RR of the Day: MkII Toyota Supra

    The MkII Toyota Supra never received the affection garnered by its younger siblings, but it set the standard for future coupes and is still beloved in certain circles.Power came from either a 2- or 2.8-liter inline six that produced anywhere between 145 and 161 HP and was channeled through a ...

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    Limited edition farewell to the MR2

    Toyota halted exportation of the MR2 to the U.S. in 2004, primarily due to slow sales and fierce competition from other manufacturers (read: Miata/MX-5). However, in the MR2's home country and in the U.K., sales have continued, albeit at a slower rate than when it was introduced in 1999.Now, the ...

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    Tuner Tuesdays: McLaren F1-inspired kit car for $24K

    The Enzo, Veyron, Carrera GT, Koenigsegg, et al each owe something to the car still considered by many to be the greatest supercar of all time, the McLaren F1. While they occasionally pop up on the used car market or in some of the higher end auctions around the world (the last one went for ...

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    Not what you think: Pagani Zonda Rabbit

    You have to love the eccentrics of the world. Elton John with his wardrobe, Freddy Mercury with his theatrics, Michael Jackson with his, well, let's stop there. But when it comes to automotive eccentrics, the Japanese seem to indulge in the most bizarre acts of vehicular carnage. One only needs to ...

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    Toyota to tackle Europe with hybrid sports car

    As it slowly gains on General Motors as the top automaker in the world, Toyota is planning to bolster its lineup by filling in the sports car slot with, what else, a hybrid. The company says that withithout the Celica and MR2 in the lineup, the full benefits of its participation in Formula 1 ...

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    Final 300 Toyota MR2s up for grabs in Britain

    The Toyota MR2, which was last sold in the U.S. as a 2005 model, will officially come to an end in Britain as well when the final 300 units on sale now find homes. The TF300 MR2 models will be numbered special editions with upgraded leather and Alcantara clad seats. Toyota is offering to stitch ...


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