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toyota ft-bh

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    Geneva: Minimalist Toyota FT-Bh Concept boasts 112 miles per gallon

    If what Toyota tells us about the FT-Bh is true, it's not some futuristic fantasy, but a design study that points to what a next generation Yaris hybrid might look like. With an unbelievably low, sub-1,800-pound curb weight and a 0.235 coefficient of drag, the FT-Bh uses minimalist design rather ...

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    Teased: Toyota releases new FT-Bh teasers ahead of Geneva

    Toyota has let slip a few additional teasers for the company's FT-Bh concept headed to the Geneva Motor Show in March. As you may recall, the vehicle is an engineering study designed to evaluate what kind of emission reductions can be accomplished in the city car segment without resorting to ...

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    Geneva: Toyota teases FT-Bh concept hybrid city car ahead of Geneva

    Most concepts you'll see on the show stands of the Geneva Motor Show will come packing some manner of sci-fi powertrain and ultra-expensive chassis and body materials. That's where the Toyota FT-Bh concept stands apart. Toyota is calling it a "full hybrid city car study," so the FT-Bh isn't ...


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