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toyota city

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    Deep-Dive: Behind the scenes at Toyota's R&D center, Part Two

    Behind the Scenes at Toyota's R&D Center – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's impossible to overlook the negative impact the recalls have had on Toyota's reputation for safety and reliability. Seemingly overnight, the automaker that could do no wrong has been brought back ...

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    REPORT: Toyota develops its own flower for cleaner air at Prius plant

    Automakers make cars and trucks, no surprises there. Some even make other interesting things, like Honda, which also builds motorcycles, lawn mowers, jets, robots and solar cells. But until now, we haven't heard of any car company that develops its own species of flowers. Thankfully, Toyota has ...

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    REPORT: Japan's Toyota City hurting as troubled economy, industry takes hold

    According to the Los Angeles Times, a town three hours southwest of Tokyo called Toyota City has gone from being the envy of Japan's economy to the city with the country's highest unemployment rate seemingly overnight. What happened? As its name implies, this town is comprised almost entirely of ...


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