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    Video: Watch as upset motorist drives off flatbed truck to avoid parking ticket

    There are few things more frustrating in life than watching your car being towed away and not being able to do anything about it. However, this guy reportedly in Walthamstow, East London, apparently wasn't going to let that happen to him. As the story goes, the driver in question made it to his ...

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    Video: Watch this lucky tow truck driver escape a sliding car

    Yesterday, we had reported that this week's snow and ice storm in the Southeast had claimed 13 lives, but this scary traffic camera video from Mobile, AL proves just how easily it could have reached 14. A tow truck driver cleaning up the ice-related crash of a Toyota Tacoma on I-10 found himself ...

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    Video: Tow truck driver hilariously bad at righting a flipped Mazda

    Can rolling your car get any worse? The correct answer is yes, as this poor soul found out when he rolled his Mazda3 onto its side. Calling a tow truck might be a logical, post-rollover move, but in this case, it kind of made the situation worse. We don't want to give away just what happened, so ...

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    Video: Fallen Kansas City tow truck driver honored with impressively long procession

    Blake Gresham, an 18-year-old tow truck driver in Kansas City, Missouri, was tragically killed on August 27 while he was helping a stranded motorist. Gresham's death brings attention to the "Move Over" law that has been passed in most states, and to further raise awareness for this law and honor ...

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    Video: How not to tow a big rig on a snowy mountain

    Towing a load as massive as a semi and its loaded trailer is a dangerous undertaking no matter the circumstances. We don't have any first-hand experience in the matter, but we'd wager that the danger level goes off the charts when that load is being towed through the winding roads of a snowy ...

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    Video: Mazda driver fights crazy claw tow truck

    There's the right way to protest your vehicle being towed, and there's a wrong way. The individual in the video after the jump is a clear believer in the latter method. We aren't entirely sure where this took place or what sort of circumstances led to this particular Mazda3 to find itself doing ...

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    Video: How not to flip a car carrier back over

    We've seen a lot of how-not-to videos over the years. How not to load your Porsche Carrera, tow your Chevrolet Corvette, rescue your truck from a frozen lake, and many more. It's also become clear that tow trucks frequently play a big part in these matters. Today's example is no different. Hit ...

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    Video: How not to tow a Chevrolet Corvette

    Remember the driver of that snowplow in Brooklyn that absolutely destroyed a parked Ford Explorer? Looks like he was fired by the City of New York, only to find gainful employment in Chicago. Either that, or he's got relatives working for the Illinois Department of Transportation. Apparently ...

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    Video: How not to clean up from the NYC snow storm

    Tow truck and loader vs. parked Ford Explorer – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    First, we'd like to go on the record as saying that we appreciate the people who keep our streets clean as much as the next guy. But let's face it: working for a sanitation department doesn't ...

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    VIDEO: More tow truck mischief when city drags car on rotors

    Click above to watch video over at WJLA
    Wednesday we showed you a clip of the Shanghai Lady exacting revenge on a tow truck driver taking her beloved crossover. Even though the video was quite possibly staged, it gives us a tiny thrill to see the roles reversed like that. Today, it's another ...

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    VIDEO: Unhappy Shanghai lady tows the tow truck

    Click above to watch video after the jump
    It may be viral, but it's too hilarious not to post. We just came across a YouTube video in which a Chinese woman, who the internet has lovingly dubbed "Shanghai Lady", finds her beloved Chevrolet Captiva held captive by a tow truck driver. The South ...

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    VIDEO: Redneck ingenuity to the rescue

    Click above to view the videoWhen a 50-ton semi needs to be towed out of a snow bank, it's a good idea to call on a very big tow truck. If you're in the South during a snow storm, however, your best bet just may be the super 'necks. After the jump is video of a Jeep, Silverado and Ford Bronco ...


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