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    Report: German researchers investigating touchscreen steering wheel

    A group of German researchers are working to develop a new touchscreen steering wheel. The wheel itself is a sheet of acrylic rimmed with infrared LEDs. A single infrared camera picks up reflections on the acrylic when touched, allowing a range of gestures to operate everything from the stereo to ...

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    VIDEO: First footage of BMW Product Navigator using Microsoft Surface

    We can think of worse things to do than spend a day at a BMW dealership configuring the vehicle of our choice. To make the experience of selecting the Ultimate Driving Machine even more engaging, BMW and Microsoft have teamed up on futuristic touchscreen tech. BMW's Product Navigator is like the ...

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    SEMA 2007 Spotlight: Magden M.1 Performance Computer

    Since 1996 all vehicles sold in the United States have been equipped with an OBD-II system, also known as On Board Diagnostics. The reasoning behind requiring the system has a lot to do with the EPA and emissions, but it just so happens to also be a great tool for tuning. You may have noticed the ...

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    Volkswagen gets all touchy-feely with screens

    VW has made a move to acquire licensing for a new technology called TouchSense from a U.S. company called Immersion. Foursprung reports that this technology makes it possible to make virtual buttons on touch screens sensible, thus providing tactile feedback from a 2-D display. TouchSense could ...


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