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    Video: Porsche 918 Spyder burns to ground in gas station conflagration

    There's one fewer Porsche 918 Spyder zipping along the roads of Toronto, Canada, today. A fire at a gas station over the weekend claimed one of the hybrid supercars in a massive blaze, and a portion of the inferno was caught on video. According to our partners to the North at Autoblog Canada, ...

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    Report: Ford looks to protect logo from Toronto mayor followers

    One is a member of the Detroit Three and the maker of the Mustang, Fusion, Explorer and F-150. The other is an admitted loudmouthed, drunk-driving, crack-smoking mayor in Canada. Unfortunately for one, it shares its name with the other. Yes, Ford Motor Company is going to great lengths to keep ...

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    Report: Invention turns traffic lights into a game to ease congestion

    Sometimes, we get angry being stuck in traffic. We might be fuming about the person playing on their cellphone that rear-ended someone, or we might blame the person poking along in the left lane. And yes, sometimes, we might just blame the oppressive injustice doled out by traffic lights, ...

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    Video: Dodge shows can-do attitude with grand Can'avan sculpture

    There are lots of ways to celebrate an important birthday, and all of them are well deserved. You can throw a big party, buy yourself something nice, or – if you're the altruistic type – do something for others in need. The latter is how Chrysler has opted to mark the 30th anniversary ...

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    Report: Ferrari cuts Toronto lawyer a deal to replace his flooded California [w/video]

    A Ferrari might be the last vehicle you'd want to be driving when streets are submerged in water, but Toronto lawyer Howard Levitt was unfortunate enough to be behind the wheel of his $200,000+ Ferrari California when the tunnel he was driving through started to fill up. It was July, when parts ...

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    Video: Toronto man takes matters into his own hands when traffic light breaks at rush hour

    A pedestrian in the middle of a very busy four-way intersection is never a wise idea... apparently unless you are a 21-year-old Canadian named Artur. For reasons only described as "broken red light," the young man, wearing nothing more visible than a light blue top, recently stood his ground and ...

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    Video: Creepy or Clever Marketing? Porsche dealer puts your house in direct marketing material

    Pfaff Auto in Toronto, Canada has taken credit for creating the world's first piece of instant direct mail – a variation on the regular direct mail that goes from the doorstep straight to the waste basket. The dealership took a white Porsche 911 Carrera S to well-monied Toronto ...

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    Video: Ontario seizes pair of taxi cabs for street racing

    Two taxi drivers in Toronto recently found themselves on the wrong side of the law after officers stopped the duo for illegal "stunt driving." The drivers had their Chevrolet Impala taxis impounded and their licenses revoked for seven days after officers busted the two street racing early on the ...

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    Video: Mini goes retail with interactive vending machine billboard

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    Whether they're challenging Porsche to a duel, littering the streets with packaging or jiggling some chubby dude's man boobs, Mini has a certain flair for creativity when it comes to its advertising. The latest chapter unfolds in Canada, where an ...

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    Chrysler auctions first Fiat 500 in Canada for $85,000

    Fiat 500 Prima Edizione at the Venetian Ball – Click above for high-res image gallery
    With all the anticipation surrounding the Chrysler/Fiat tie-up in the United States, it'd be all to easy to forget that Canada will be part of Fiat's return to North American shores as well. After all, ...

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    Scion officially opens its doors for business in Canada

    2011 Scion tC – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Scion is a youth-oriented brand that was developed by Toyota to capture a younger North American demographic. By "North America," Scion was referring to the United States – until now. Happy Youth-Oriented Car Day, Canada! Scion ...

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    Video: Audi scales down its marketing for the Toronto Film Festival

    Audi starts thinking smaller, Boba Fett approves – Click above to watch video after the jump
    The Toronto International Film Festival is in full swing, and Audi is taking advantage of the crowds to do a bit of advertising. Utilizing scale models, a bunch of magnets and the natural curiosity ...

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    Tuesday deadline for Chrysler Canada to make CAW deal

    After declaring that the deal GM struck with the Canadian Auto Workers union wasn't nearly good enough, Chrysler has threatened to pull out of Canada if cannot come to an agreement with the CAW by Tuesday, March 31. Making matters even more pressing is the fact that the Canadian government has set ...

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    REPORT: Chrysler considering pulling out of Canada

    According to The Canadian Press, Chrysler may elect to pull all manufacturing operations out of Canada if it cannot come to an agreement with the Canadian Auto Workers by month's end. The embattled automaker is looking negotiating with the CAW in part to reduce wages from an average of $76 to $57, ...

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    2010 Mazda CX-7 debuts with refreshed look and new four-cylinder in... Toronto?

    Click above for a gallery of the 2010 Mazda CX-7
    While we were gathered here in rainy Chicago for the Auto Show, we received word that the 2010 refresh for the Mazda CX-7 has in fact debuted some 500 miles away in Toronto, Canada. This switcheroo had us searching the floor here in McCormick for a ...

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    Canadian Car of the Year finalists announced

    Take a trip up to Canada and you'll think that everyone drives either a dogsled, Zamboni, Chrysler minivan or a used Civic. But that doesn't mean Canadian drivers can't aspire to more, as finalists for the 2009 Canadian Car of the Year awards have been announced. The awards are bestowed by the ...

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    Audi employs fleet of snow plows to make a point

    Click above to enlarge the Audi-sponsored snow plows
    Thanks to an alert reader, we have a good look at Audi's most recent advertising campaign in Toronto. It's a bit odd, but extremely unique, involving snow plows and huge signs proclaiming that "Winter is Coming." Indeed it is, and depending on ...

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    Spy Shots: i spied in Canada

    What you're looking at is a right-hand-drive Mitsubishi i spotted in Toronto, as in Toronto, Canada... as in on the North American continent. Mitsubishi's initial line was that the i would be for the Japan Domestic Market only. Then they exported it to Hong Kong, Singapore and Brunei. Then New ...

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    Audi tees off Toronto residents with botched TT ads

    Audi apparently thought it could pull one over on the residents of Toronto, but it got caught. The automaker from Ingolstadt applied for a permit from the Film and Television Office of Toronto to shoot a commercial that would allow it to place double "T" statues that measure six feet high and ...

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    Teen driver loses life in jet dragster accident

    In a tragic accident on Sunday, 17-year-old Canadian drag-racing protégé Kendall Hebert died when her jet-powered dragster crashed into a wall at Toronto Motorsport Park in the suburb of Cayuga, outside Hamilton, Ontario. The accident occurred during a demonstration, not a race. The ...


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