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    Video: Top Gear USA runs with the bulls

    Top Gear USA runs with the bulls – Click above to see the video after the jump
    While everyone and their mother seems to have made Top Gear USA bashing the new national pastime, you might want to take a look at the newest video tease it's just released. While the appeal of the BBC show ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #190 - Chrysler profit, Top Gear USA and small Buicks

    Click above for the Autoblog Podcast in iTunes, RSS or listen now!
    Chris, Sam and Dan come back for Episode #190 of the Autoblog Podcast, and this time around we talk about Chrysler's profit announcement, the Top Gear USA trailer, Honda's latest recall, the Buick Verano. We also touch on a ...

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    Video: First trailer for U.S. Top Gear!

    U.S. Top Gear trailer - Click above to watch the video after the jump
    You all know that the long-awaited U.S. version of Top Gear is headed to The History Channel, and now it's time to get your first taste of the show. The first trailer for the show is online, and if it's any indication, Tanner ...

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    Adam Carolla explains why he's not doing Top Gear USA

    Ah yes,Top Gear USA. We had nearly given up hope for the American version of the hit British television series until friend-of-Autoblog Adam Carolla let slip details of the series' subsequent resuscitation on The History Channel during a taping of one of his CarCast episodes. At the time, it was ...

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    Video: British parents go nuts while passing Top Gear project cars

    Top Gear UK Spotted – Click above to watch video after the jump
    var digg_url = ''; America has suddenly been smitten with a rare strand of celebrity spotting. With our very own Top Gear headed our way, internet ...

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    Viper versus Cobra, Top Gear USA style [w/video]

    Cobra Vs. Dodge Viper – Click above to watch video after the jump
    And by Cobra, we mean the attack helicopter, not the FoMoCo-powered roadster. Sightings of the new cast of Top Gear America have been coming out of the wood work ever since the crew was spotted filming on Mulholland. From ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #166 - Chicago recap/Geneva preview

    Click above for the Autoblog Podcast in iTunes, RSS or listen now!
    It's Chris² as both Shunk and Paukert join Dan and for Episode #166 of the Autoblog Podcast this week. First up, as usual, is the Autoblog Garage, housing a Suzuki Grand Vitara and a Kia Soul this week. From there, we take a ...

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    Adam Carolla CarCast tips off Top Gear USA might yet live on History Channel

    Big news comes by way of Adam Carolla's CarCast today as it now appears that Top Gear USA is back on track. Instead of appearing on NBC, though, the show will apparently move to The History Channel. Exciting news indeed, especially for Carolla, who is apparently the only one of the three original ...

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    Shooting Fake: Porsche Cayman Shooting Brake a Top Gear hoax [w/VIDEO]

    Porsche Cayman Shooting Brake hoax – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Punked, we've been punked! And that's OK. In the high powered, fast paced deeply sexy world of car blogging, mistakes are going to be made. And every once in a while a group of mayhem minded jokers can easily gum ...

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    Top Gear coming to America in HD?!

    Pinch us. Could it be that our dreams – which, incidentally, we proudly share with Sandra Bullock – of watching Top Gear in High Definition may soon come true? It certainly seems like a real possibility now that BBC America officially launched its HD programming on Monday, July 20 at ...

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    Clarkson: Top Gear USA 'canned,' viewers 'just don't get it.'

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    We're already aware that NBC essentially passed on producing Top Gear USA, but up until now, the reason behind the decision hasn't been clear. During an interview in Australia for Top Gear Live, Jeremy Clarkson was asked about the U.S. version of the ...

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    VIDEO: Adam Corolla mans the pumps on The Man Show

    Click above to watch video
    Some of you were surprised that when the producers of Top Gear started shooting a version of the popular British car series for NBC, they chose Adam Corolla as lead host instead of a myriad number of other qualified automotive journalists from among the Autoblog staff. ...

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    Top Gear launches website for former subjects in the U.S.

    Top Gear's grand plan to help Britain rebuild its empire has taken another baby step today with the launch of the combined U.S./Canadian portal of The curious thing is that this new Yank-ified version of has absolutely nothing to do with the upcoming Top Gear USA show on ...

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    Tanner Foust captures second straight Formula Drift championship

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Formula Drift Series at Irwindale Our never-ending interest in the upcoming U.S. Top Gear has us usually thinking of Tanner Foust as a television host, so we often forget that he has another day job sliding a Nissan 350Z around racetracks in the Formula ...

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    Don't hassle the Hoff in his Reasonably Priced Car

    Just two days after taping the pilot episode of Top Gear USA, Adam Carolla took the proactive approach of revealing who the first Star in a Reasonably Priced Car is before the blogosphere could get those in attendance who signed NDAs to spill the beans. On his radio show Monday morning, Carolla got ...

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    Top Gear pilot: That's a wrap!

    Filming for the NBC pilot for Top Gear has wrapped. Speculation about the show's format and hosting choices has left Top Gear fans hoping for at least a decent representation of the popular British show. Some of those prayers may be answered , as NBC brought in a number of BBC folks, along with the ...

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    Top Gear USA casting audience members for pilot

    While Top Gear obsessives in the UK have to wait 21 years for a chance to share the hanger with Clarkson, Hammond and May, those of us in the U.S. have an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the imported version of everyone's favorite motoring show. One of the scribes at Autofiends came ...

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    Tanner Foust sheds light on Top Gear USA in blog interview

    With all our mouths salivating over the upcoming NBC version of the hit BBC program Top Gear, the guys over at Autofiends got a chance to sit down with Tanner Foust. As we revealed a couple of weeks ago, in addition to being a drifting and rallying champion, Tanner will be one of the three hosts ...

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    Top Gear USA free to criticize cars at will

    When I was a kid there was this terrible car show on television that was sponsored by a certain automaker that shall remain nameless. Every week – that is, every week I could bear to watch it, at least – the hosts would review a car from that company, and guess what? They always liked ...

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    Top Gear USA hosts announced!

    Top Gear has just officially announced who will be hosting the U.S. version of the popular car show born in the UK and now officially scheduled to appear on NBC sometime this fall, and the winners are... (drum roll, please): Adam Carolla, Tanner Foust and Eric Stromer. Everyone knows Adam Carolla, ...


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