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    VIDEO: Top Gear Live holding design-your-own-stunt contest

    Top Gear Live Contest - Click above to watch the video after the jump
    We love Top Gear for a lot of reasons, but we love the British motoring series most for its big-budget creativity. After all, how many shows are going to storm a beach in a Ford Fiesta? And from everything we've seen and ...

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    Ferrari's Prancing Horse voted most iconic badge [w/POLL]

    The people have spoken. (Well, the British anyway. But they're people, too). And according to a public opinion survey, Ferrari has the most iconic badge among exotic automakers. The poll in question was conducted by European telecom company Orange for the MPH Top Gear Live show, a sort of ...

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    Ferrari tells Top Gear to stop using knockoffs in live show

    Apparently, word got around to Ferrari that Top Gear Live was not using real Prancing Horses for its stunt driving routine in Australia a few weeks back, and it sounds like the Italian automaker is none too happy about it. A spokesperson for Ferrari said, "We asked them to change it... for the Hong ...

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    Top Gear Live lambasted for using fake Ferraris

    Proving once again that Top Gear, in all its forms, is a show meant solely for entertainment are new accusations that the Ferraris driven by stuntmen at last week's Top Gear Live event in Sydney didn't exactly hail from Maranello. In fact, it seems that the cars really originated from Sagamihara, ...

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    Impulse Redefined: Top Gear Live audience buy supercars at the show

    Go to see a live show, and you may walk out with a t-shirt or a CD. But a new car? Much less a six-figure supercar? Amazingly, that's the effect Top Gear Live is evidently having on its audience. The stage version of the popular BBC television program combines the best of conventional car shows ...

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    Top Gear terrorizes London with tank to kick off live tour

    Click above for high-res gallery of Top Gear's tankYou may remember our report from a few months back about Top Gear developing a live arena show for the U.S. We still don't know if that's going to happen, but Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are taking the Top Gear show on the road ...

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    Top Gear hosts developing live arena show for U.S.?

    You may remember Alex Roy from his book, The Driver, about his team's record-breaking run across the U.S. in a BMW M5, but he's also a deep automotive insider that gets information from a number of cloaked sources who wear dark sunglasses and pass manilla envelopes under the yellow lights of ...


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