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    What are the Top 10 things you must have in your car?

    What are those items that you always bring with you on an inaugural ride in a brand new car, or those things that you transport from one vehicle to the next that you can't live without? Automotoportal posted a list of the Top Things You Must Have in Your Car and for the most part we wholeheartedly ...

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    Top ten most fuel-efficient large vehicles

    You want a fuel-efficient vehicle, but due to family obligations, job needs or simply outward appearances, you've disregarded a hybrid, compact or mid-sized sedan. So what's left? Business Week has scoured a variety of large vehicles, looking for the best in terms of fuel-efficiency and ...

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    Top six All-American V-8 rollers

    "Big, buff, and beautiful" are back on the road and we're not talking about SUVs or their shrunken offshoot, the CUVs. Despite gas prices hovering at $3-per-gallon, the quintessential "large American sedan" has not only returned to an SUV-weary public, but brings with it V8 power at an affordable ...

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    Top 10 vehicles most researched for leasing
    1154283180 has published its most researched vehicles for leasing for the first half of 2006. Many of the selections, such as the BMW 3-Series and Infiniti G35, are not surprising since those types of customers often enjoy driving the latest models every two to three years. However, we were a ...

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    Top Ten... auto-related stories of the past decade

    SPEED Channel has released its list of the top ten automotive stories of the past decade. The list is comprised of responses from a group of automotive journalists and SPEED on-air personalities and was compiled in conjunction with the network's ten-year anniversary (has it been that long ...

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    You're not alone: ten states with the most hybrids

    R.L. Polk & Co., a marketing firm that collects and interprets automotive data, recently listed the top ten states with the most registrations of hybrid vehicles for 2005. The states, registrations, and percentage, are: California 52,619 26.4 percent Florida 10,470 5.3 percent ...

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    Study: Top ten cheapest, most expensive vehicles to insure
    1143482580 has published its annual findings on what it considers the ten most and least expensive vehicles to insure. Vehicles in the former category include the Ford F-Series pickup; Honda Civic; and the Ford Focus (pictured). Among the least expensive? Chrysler's Town & ...

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    The ten hottest-selling cars in America

    In the U.S. market at least, it's great to be a Toyota dealer. According to and, Toyota's Prius tops the list of 10 hottest cars in America, with six Toyota models making the list (including all three Scion models).Hybrids are hot, too - the Prius, Lexus RX400h and Ford ...

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    Ten cars for Brokeback boys n' gals in '06
    1141430400's Gay Life Guide Ramon Johnson compiled what he considers the ten gayest cars in 2006. Johnson himself prefaces the list by saying it's based on a combination of humor, style and sophistication.With the Chevrolet Impala as the ‘Most Likely Low Down Cruiser', the Kia Sorento as 'Best ...


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