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    Top 10 Forward-Thinking Vehicles of the Decade

    Trend-setting. Far-reaching. Record-setting. In a word: Important. Use whatever descriptors you'd like, what we're looking at today are some of the most forward-thinking cars of the last decade. Some of our choices are hugely successful in terms of sales while not being all that interesting or ...

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    Top Ten Stolen Vehicles of 2008

    Thanks to modern technologies like ignition keys with embedded chips and factory installed security immobilizers, it's getting harder and harder to steal new cars. As a result, the number of cars and trucks stolen in the United States dropped by 13.1 percent in 2008 compared to 2007, a trend that ...

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    Top 10 Most/Least Expensive Vehicles To Insure

    Click above for Most Expensive ------------------------------- Click above for Least Expensive
    There are lots of variables to consider when shopping for your next new car. Obviously, the initial purchase price is a big part of the decision, but that's certainly not the only sum to ...

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    Top 10 Animated Cars Of All Time

    We love cars here at Autoblog, and we've been inflicted with this particular disease for our entire lives – even back when we were but young little tykes. Like most of you, we have fond memories of plopping ourselves in front of the television to watch Saturday morning cartoons – ...

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    Top 7 Good Cars From "Bad GM"

    General Motors makes more than a few world-class automobiles. As true as that statement may be, that alone wasn't enough to stall the automaker's steady decline – fueled as it may have been by the global economic downturn – into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. To expedite GM's return to ...

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    Top Ten LeMons Contenders... in 2029

    The drive from Autoblog's South Bay outpost to Reno-Fernley raceway gave Justice Lieberman and I some time to wax poetic on the 24 Hours of LeMons. Peppered between discussions about the race, the field of competitors and the finer points of officiating the world's fastest growing motorsport ...

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    Top Ten Forgotten Convertibles

    Since the advent of the automobile, automakers have always been compelled to go topless with a variety of cars, and occasionally, trucks. For a brief period in the late 1970s, after rollover safety standards threatened our wind-in-the-hair, sun-loving ways, it was nearly impossible to find a real ...

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    Top 10 Forgotten Hatchbacks

    The annals of U.S. automobile history may be littered with the occasional hatchback success story, but for every Volkswagen Golf or Toyota Prius, there are dozens of failed three- and five-door hatches that, for whatever reason, fizzled out shortly after hitting the American market. In fact, this ...

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    Top Ten features vanishing from modern-day automobiles

    Time marches on. It's an undeniable truth in all industries, and the car making business is no different. For most, this is an exceedingly good thing, as it means today's automobiles are packed with more features and technology than ever before. Modern-day cars are faster, quieter, cleaner and ...

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    Top 10 Mid-Engined Hatchbacks

    Click above to start Top 10 Best Mid-Engine Hatchbacks
    There are few concoctions in the automotive industry as bonkers as the mid-engine hatchback. The concept takes the most exotic layout and wraps it in the bodywork of the most mundane and commonplace, creating a paradoxical sub-segment that ...

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    Top 10 Cars That Don't Deserve Their Engines

    var digg_url = ''; The engine is the crown jewel of any automobile and can make or break a car in the eyes of an automotive enthusiast. No matter how sweet a car's handling or how neutral its balance, a limp-wristed engine can ...

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    Top 10 Least Stolen Vehicles in 2008

    Click above to start the list of Top Ten Least Stolen Vehicles in 2008
    var digg_url = ''; Yesterday we showed you the Top Ten Most Stolen Vehicles in 2008 based on thefts per number of insured models. While many of you pointed out that ...

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    The Top 10-ish Orphan Car Brands

    In this era of automakers on the brink of extinction, it's worth recalling that car companies going belly up is not a new phenomenon. Henry Ford himself started up two other brands that failed before Ford Motor Co. finally caught on. Start-up companies are not something that was invented in Silicon ...

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    Top Ten Things Autoblog is Thankful For

    The industry that we know and love is facing hard times right now. Guess what? We're not going to talk about it. No, instead of spending time dwelling on the negative, which we can't really do anything about at the moment anyway, we're training our sights on the positives. There's plenty to be ...

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    duPont Registry's 11 "Best of" cars set horsepower, price records

    The duPont Registry has listed the best cars in eleven categories, and taking the cake for 2009 Car of the Year is the Bugatti Veyron Gran Sport. Other winners, like the ZR1 for Bang for the Buck and Continental Flying Spur Speed for Performance Sedan, make up the usual murderers' row of marques ...

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    Freep names 10 cars that will redefine the industry... like the Camaro

    The Detroit Free Press laid out ten industry-redefining cars, and we're, well, a little perplexed. This is the definition, in the paper's own words: "a handful of new vehicles that debut over the next 12 months may shape the future of automakers around the world. They come in all shapes and sizes. ...

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    Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder wins for Most Toxic New Car Smell

    That envious "new car" smell, the unique scent that makes all of your friends jealous as they check out your new ride, is actually quite toxic. The potent brew of freshly released bromine, chlorine, lead, and other heavy metals are responsible for a variety of acute and long-term health concerns ...

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    Forbes names Top 10 Guilt-Free Luxury Cars

    In today's economy of high gas prices, luxury automobiles get a bad rap. However, Forbes points out, some luxury sedans and SUVs are frugal in their fuel consumption, and even retain a healthy amount of their residual values. Based on those two main factors, has named their Top Ten list ...

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    Forbes lists the Top 10 Fastest Fictional Cars

    Employing research that they certainly did not get from AOL Autos, Forbes is at it again with a list of the Top 10 Fastest Fictional Cars. One of the things we find odd about the list is that there are a number of cars included that you can actually buy or make pretty easily, like James Bond's ...

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    Paris Redux: MSN picks the Paris Motor Show's top 10

    While our guys really liked the Peugeot 908 RC and Nissan Qashqai and thought the Audi R8 was a little overrated (check out the Autoblog Podcast recapping the show), the editors of MSN Autos have come back with their list of favorites from the Paris Show with picks that were a little more ...


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