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top fuel dragster

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    Motorsports: Antron Brown becomes first African American to win major US auto racing series [w/video]

    Antron Brown wasn't even on the track during the final run of the 2012 NHRA Top Fuel season, but, not only did he go into the record books as this year's champion, he will also be remembered in the history of motorsports for an entirely different reason. The 36-year-old drag racer has become the ...

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    Video: Top Fuel drag racing is a perfect application for high-speed cameras

    Watching a Top Fuel dragster hurl down the quarter mile in the low four-second mark is exciting enough, but watching the action with a high-speed camera is car porn for gear heads. Finnish magazine Tekniikan Maailma (English translation: "Technology World") embedded one of its writers with the ...

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    Video: NHRA dragster's fuel pump in action

    A top fuel dragster makes impressive use of a 500-cubic-inch engine block machined from a solid chunk of aluminum. That 10,000-horsepower engine propels a 2,300-pound car from the starting tree to 100 mph in less than a second. And it needs a lot of fuel to do it. Some visitors to the NHRA ...

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    Barrett-Jackson 2011: 1990 Coors Extra Gold Top Fuel Dragster Replica

    Barrett-Jackson 2011: 1990 Coors Extra Gold Top Fuel Dragster – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Every fancied owing your own Top Fuel Dragster? Are you also a fan of beer brewed from the waters of Golden, Colorado? Barrett-Jackson has the car for you. It may only be a replica but ...

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    Spectator killed by debris at NHRA drag race in Arizona [w/video]

    Antron Brown's crash during NHRA Arizona Nationals – Click above to watch the video after the break
    Motorsports are dangerous, there's no doubt about it. Drivers, co-drivers and track personnel are well aware of the possibilities of serious injury or even death, but perhaps those watching ...


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