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tony hawk

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    Video: Tony Hawk jumps a moving Mini

    Remember a couple of years ago when Tony Hawk jumped over a Lexus LFA on his skateboard? Well that was nothing compared to what he's done here. Sure the LFA is a more impressive car than a Mini hatchback, but that Japanese supercar was sitting still when the world's most famous skater jumped ...

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    Video: Tony Hawk jumps Lexus LFA on skateboard

    Give a Lexus LFA to an auto journalist and there's going to be an attempt to drift it. Give that same LFA to the gents at Blendtec and they're likely to see if it, or at least a piece of it, will blend. Then turn that LFA over to Tony Hawk to use for his birthday and he will, naturally, line the ...

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    Video: Crash & Burn pilot teaser is a stunt-comedy goldmine

    Lance Krall, Tony Hawk and Lee Majors. Three names with seemingly no connection, except for the fact that these men are working on a pilot related to the lives of folks in the stunt industry. We would've said the lives of stunt men, but there are clearly (very clearly) women in this industry as ...

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    Video: Plank + tiny wheels + V8 Supercar engine = Aussie for "skateboard"

    The Aussies prepare a special skateboard for Tony Hawk – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Tony Hawk will be in attendance at the Telstra 500 V8 Supercar race in Sydney next weekend, where he'll demonstrate his undiminished skills on the Monster Vert Ramp. As part of his welcome to ...

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    Long Beach Grand Prix 2010: Toyota Pro/Celebrity race never flops [Spoilers]

    2010 Long Beach Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The annual Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach just wouldn't be the same without the rough-and-tumble slugfest known as the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race. Even though the actors, singers, pro athletes and television ...

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    VIDEO: Product whore Tony Hawk shilling Jeeps and Sirius

    If there's one thing we can say about Tony Hawk with absolute certainty, it's that he loves capitalism. According to Wikipedia, he's starred in commercials for Apple Computer, Burger King, Bagel Bites, Got Milk?, GoSnacks, The Colorado Tourism Board, and Domino's Pizza. If we knew how to edit a ...


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