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tonino lamborghini

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    Report: Lamborghini's Raging Bull logo to adorn cigarettes in South Korea

    Stand at the business end of a Lamborghini doing a smokey burnout and you're bound to get a lung or two full of all kinds of noxious chemicals. But if a showboating Aventador isn't at your disposal, soon you'll be able to light up a Lamborghini cigarette. The Raging Bull smokes are reportedly ...

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    How to carve up your lawn like a Lamborghini

    Lamborghini is returning to its roots by offering up an array of Raging Bull-branded lawn care equipment. The Italian supercar manufacturer notoriously got its start hocking tractors, so it should come as no surprise that the suits at Sant'Agata have decided to return to the company's ...

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    Heel and Toe: Lamborghini Gallardo stilettos rendered

    **UPDATE - Image removed at request of artist**Lamborghini: sexy. High heels: also sexy. That doesn't mean they belong together. Fortunately, the heels are no closer to reality than the rendering on the right. Designed by Modo illustrator Tim Cooper as a potential product from Tonino Lamborghini, ...

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    Class Clown: Lamborghini smoking accessories

    Smoking cigars. It conjures images of wood-lined, quilted-leather private clubs and back-room deals brokered with a hand-shake between captains of industry and diplomats. Though tobacco may be taboo in modern society, cigars still have an air of class about them. At least until Lamborghini got ...


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