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    Europe gets Toyota Yaris SR with dockable TomTom nav unit

    Click above to view high-res gallery of the Toyota Yaris SRThe Euro-spec Toyota Yaris is a well-equipped little car. But things like the nine airbags, chrome exhaust finisher, and remote central double locking are merely gravy for the real show on this new SR model: a fully-integrated portable ...

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    Mr. T comes to TomTom

    If your thing is paying to be verbally upbraided by a celebrity, Navtones has you covered. Novelty of novelties, you can now get celebrity voices for your TomTom satnav. I like the way the celebs will bust your chops if you miss a turn, or give you a verbal dope-slap to pay attention, but it might ...

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    TomTom asks users for a helping hand

    Satnav manufacturer TomTom will be emulating a practice that's been going on for years on the internet where data resources are kept up-to-date by information submitted by a user community. Probably the best example of this is Wikipedia, a free online-based encyclopedia filled with information ...

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    TomTom brings instant messaging to sat-nav

    "Where did they find those wonderful toys?"That's what we at Autoblog occasionally find ourselves asking when checking out sister-blog Engadget. And what toys! Sat-Sat Nav-Nav Makers-Maker TomTom has released a new product called TomTom Buddies. It's a standard GPS navigation system with ...

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    Ford to offer Fiesta Freedom for technology buffs

    Ford's UK subsidiary has unveiled their newest special edition, dubbed the Fiesta Freedom. Geared towards technophiles, the model includes £800 ($1,400 USD) of packaged extras, including Bluetooth connectivity and voice-control stereo. Available in a variety of bodystyles and ...

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    TomTom takes portable navigation devices to the next level

    Dutch navigation company TomTom has announced a new line of portable nav devices and a range of new services and content, as portable navigation devices continue to attack the market for embedded automotive navigation systems.TomTom will roll out its new 910 and 510 models in North America and ...


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