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    Study: The average Chinese motorist loses 9 days a year stuck in traffic

    Sitting at a complete stop in traffic might be one of the worst sensations in the world, and navigation system maker TomTom knows all about it. The company has been creating an annual traffic jam index for several years now, but it has just released the results of the same survey for China for ...

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    Report: These are the most traffic-congested cities in the western world

    TomTom has released its congestion index for the second quarter of 2012, and Istanbul, Turkey took the dubious honor of being the most congested city in Europe. With a rating of 57 percent, the city suffers from more than double the average congestion of the rest of the continent. Warsaw, Poland ...

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    Report: In-car navigation systems expected to quadruple by 2019

    Navigation systems have been coming down in price lately, making in-car directions more accessible to the masses. At the same time massive tech companies like Apple and Microsoft have gotten into the game as well, and as reports, a new study shows that these forces are ...

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    Automotive April Fools' joke roundup [w/video]

    It's that time of year again. April Fools' came and went over the weekend, and a handful of the world's automakers joined in on a little Spring time fun. From intelligent anti-theft devices and TSA-inspired driver aids to automated NASCAR racers and high-performance hybrids, this year's raft of ...

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    Video: Bert and Ernie lend voices to TomTom, will guide you to Sesame Street

    Sesame Street is teaming up with TomTom to provide family-friendly navigation narration courtesy of some of our favorite muppets. Bert, Ernie and one very special rubber duckie have been so kind as to lend their vocal talents to TomTom navigation devices. The trio are in good company. Darth Vader ...

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    Report: Clarkson contract blunder leads to cancellation of Top Gear TomTom GPS

    Those of you hoping to hear the boisterous voice of Jeremy Clarkson coming out of your TomTom GPS are going to be quite disappointed. As it turns out, part of the BBC's editorial guidelines state that none of the Top Gear presenters can endorse motoring products, and thus, having Clarkson ...

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    Official: New Top Gear edition TomTom satnav features Stig Mode

    Top Gear fans who go orgasmic at the first note of Jeremy Clarkson's dulcet tones will be happy to hear that TomTom has released a new GPS soaked in the world's favorite car show. As previously rumored, the TomTom Go Live Top Gear Edition sat nav features driving directions narrated by Jezza, as ...

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    Report: Jeremy Clarkson voicepack coming to TomTom navigation

    Way back when, animated characters were voiced by anonymous folks with great pipes. These days, you need A-list celebs to sell pixelated fish and other playthings. The disembodied and slightly stilted voices of navigation systems appear to be going the same way, and Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson ...

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    Devs granted access to TomTom speed camera database

    TomTom is giving developers a big gift at the CTIA wireless show in Orlando, Florida. The navigation company will begin providing access to its speed camera database, allowing devs to incorporate the location of speed traps into their own smartphone applications. TomTom claims it has more than ...

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    Video PSA: The Aussie female guide voice on your Garmin is as attractive as you've always hoped

    Karen Jacobsen, GPS voiceover artist – Click above to watch video after the jump
    There may come a day when personal GPS devices go the way of the dodo. As direction services on our handheld devices become ever savvier, more and more consumers are ditching their old dashboard-mounted screens ...

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    Video: TomTom comes to the Dark Side with Darth Vader voice pack

    Darth Vader TomTom voice recording session – Click above to view the video after the jump
    We know what you were thinking: If only my sat-nav could play Jedi mind tricks on me while I'm driving. Sounds like a good idea, no? TomTom evidently thinks so, and has worked their latest voice pack ...

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    TomTom data reveals U.S. drivers' average speed, fastest highway

    If you have a TomTom, the eye in the sky has been watching you and tracking your interstate speeds over the past two years. Don't worry, TomTom isn't going nark you out – it's tracking the data from its Speed Profiles program to help fleet drivers find the fastest routes around the nation. ...

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    Yikes! TomTom's iPhone car kit will cost $120, app sold separately

    Though there are a number of navigation apps available for the iPhone and iPod Touch through the App Store in Apple's iTunes, none had been anticipated more than the TomTom navigation app [iTunes link]. Available since August for $99.99, the app turns your Apple device into a fully functioning ...

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    TomTom iPhone app officially costs a Benjamin [w/VIDEO]

    TomTom iPhone navigation application – Click above for video
    With the unveiling of Apple's latest iPhone, the 3GS, the gates were finally thrown open for third-party navigation software companies to develop navigation apps for the world's most popular smart phone. A TomTom app was announced ...

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    In-car navigation systems set to go 3D?

    Navigation systems have quickly gone from being an interactive way to direct one from Point A to Point B to massive infotainment centerpieces capable of MP3 player integration, web browsing and wifi. Auto Express is reporting that GPS units could go 3D as soon as next year, because advancements in ...

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    Woohoo! Homer Simpson's guidance comes to TomTom

    Homer Simpson is probably one of the last people we'd ask for directions (unless we need to walk over to Moe's for a night cap) but that isn't stopping TomTom from using his very recognizable voice. The lovable Simpson's dad wll provide instructions in the usual Homer prose, including the usual ...

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    TomTom and Zipcar announce new apps for iPhone

    For all of you who aren't Apple fanboys and haven't been refreshing Engadget's live coverage of the 2009 WWDC this afternoon, there's some major news involving everyone's favorite little smart phone and two big auto-related companies. The first is a new app from TomTom that was previewed back in ...

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    2008 Autoblog Holiday Sweepstakes - Day 6: TomTom XL330ĚS

    Click above to view TomTom's full line of portable navigation systems
    We suspect that one of the most popular gift this holiday season will be portable navigation systems. Their prices are plummeting and every day new features are being added to these magical maps-in-a-box. TomTom is arguably one ...

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    Father's Day Sweepstakes, Day 5: TomTom ONE 3rd Edition

    We've reached the end of our week-long marathon of Father's Day sweepstakes, and we think you'll agree, we've saved the best for last. Our final sweepstakes is for a TomTom ONE 3rd Edition portable navigation system. Valued at $199, the ONE 3rd Edition is TomTom's entry-level model but features a ...

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    Apple forbids navigation apps on iPhone 3G (except its own)

    The Internets are abuzz with the announcement of an all-new iPhone, and with features like 3G data connections, new applications and GPS navigation, we're excited too. If you've been making plans to produce your own navigation app for iPhone 2.0, however, you may not be all that thrilled. A closer ...


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