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tom gale

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    What does original Viper designer Tom Gale think of the new SRT? [w/poll]

    The good people at Motor Trend met up with Tom Gale at this year's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance to discuss the new SRT Viper. As you may recall, Gale was one of the designers instrumental in penning the exterior of the first generation bruiser. How does he feel about the successor to the ...

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    Telesto Ventures' bid for GM's Saturn division thick with Chrysler talent

    The General Motors appendage known as Saturn is scheduled to be scalpeled off sooner rather than later. What happens to the mass once it has been removed from its host is still uncertain, though there are apparently groups interested in the shiny metal entrails. GM has reportedly whittled the ...

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    Wolfgang Bernhard to become chairman of Chrysler Group

    According to a German magazine referenced by Automotive News, Wolfgang Bernhard is expected to be announced as the Chrysler Group's chairman-in-waiting, pending DaimlerChrysler's sale of the automaker to Cerberus Capital Management. Currently Bernhard is an acting advisor, a consultant if you will, ...

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    Former Chrysler design god Tom Gale joins Cerberus advisory team

    Looks like Cerberus is getting the Chrysler band back together. Automotive News reports (sub. required) that the latest former Chrysler exec to come back is Tom Gale. You probably remember Gale as the force behind Chrysler's design revival in the 90s. Motor Trend recently called Gale "The man who ...


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