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tom brady

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    Video: Dodge debuts second 'How to build a...' Dart ad

    Dodge has released a second smash-cut "How to..." ad for the new Dart. Just like the last one, its full of a whole lot of stuff coming at you at once. Dodge would like you to think that its R&D department constructed a time machine, and brought a man back from the future to construct the ...

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    Video: New Rules: Dart commercial shows how to create a new car in 90 seconds

    Chrysler has just released its first Dodge Dart commercial that will debut during the Major League Baseball All-Star Game on Tuesday night. The commercial kicks off the Dart's "New Rules" ad campaign and features the Jay-Z and Kanye West single "No Church in the Wild" as its soundtrack. This ...

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    New York 2008: Audi Forum hosts debut of Hunt Slomen custom-painted A5

    Click above to view more high-res shotsThis past Wedneday evening, the Audi Forum in New York City hosted a gala party attended by celebrities and the weary automotive press in town to cover the New York Auto Show. The beautiful people on hand included Tom Brady (celebrity status: A), Tyson ...


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