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Texas DOT may allow speeds of 85 mph between San Antonio and Austin

A new highway that connects two of Texas' biggest cities could contain the fastest posted speed limit in the United States.


One fact seems indisputable: Americans have come to hate taxes and any suggestion by a politician to raise them is tantamount to political suicide. The problem is that public infrastructure requires funding – and lots of it. Critics of this disparity would argue that a lack of political will to raise fuel taxes has left roads, bridges and tunnels across America crumbling in recent decades.


If you happen to drive on toll road with some regularity, you've probably noticed that the electronic payment systems that allow drivers to pass through without stopping to insert a card or cash are becoming more common. The good news is that these E-Z-pay options help make toll plazas a bit more green (less congestion than before) and now the French government, which is actively seeking ways to reduce pollution, has decided to fund research into new automatic toll payment systems. The goal is t

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