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    Official: Construction of Lexus' first US assembly line underway

    The ES is Lexus' top-selling sedan, but the Japanese luxury marque has never manufactured it outside of Japan. In fact, Lexus has never made any cars in the United States, one of its largest markets worldwide. But that's about to change. Yesterday, construction began in Georgetown, Kentucky, on ...

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    Toyota Kentucky plant about to build five-millionth Camry

    Toyota's Kentucky plant is about to crank out Camry number five million. Toyota's manufacturing plant in Kentucky has been operating since 1988, and will be starting a new milestone this year when it begins to produce the Camry Hybrid. That's because after 18 years of producing the Camry, the ...

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    Toyota thrice celebrates American milestones

    Good things are coming in 'threes' for Toyota lately. Autoblog just hipped readers to the pending third birthday of its triumvirate of Scion offerings earlier today. What's more, three of Toyota's American plants are reaching some milestones of their own this year. The plants include: ...


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