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23New European tires to get labels rating fuel efficiency, wet traction and noise levels

Bloomberg reports the European Union is set to require tire manufacturers to include new labels detailing everything from the rubber's wet-traction performance to fuel efficiency and noise levels. Each tire will receive a rating on an A-to-G scale for wet traction and fuel efficiency, wherein A is the highest score possible. Information on the tire's noise level, meanwhile, will be conveyed in decibels.

35NHTSA introduces new tire labels

You will soon have more ways to choose which tire is right for you: the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has proposed a new tire label that ranks rubber based on fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas rating, safety (wet traction), and durability. According to NHTSA's calculations, rolling resistance accounts for up to 7% of "uses and losses of fuel energy in a vehicle." With everyone paying close attention to gas mileage and gas prices now, the federal agency wants to give consumers m

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