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tire change

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    Video: Watch Infiniti Red Bull Racing set a world record pitstop time in Malaysia

    How quickly can you change a tire? The pit crew for Infiniti Red Bull Racing can do it in 2.05 seconds. Actually, they can change four tires in 2.05 seconds, and they did just that at the Grand Prix of Malaysia two weeks ago, setting a new world record for the quickest pitstop in the ...

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    Video: NASCAR POV pit stop video, with one very hot brake rotor

    Anyone who has watched a NASCAR pit crew work during a race is bound to have come away from the experience at least a little bit impressed. The skill and timing of the crew isn't in the limelight like that of the drivers, but is almost as impressive in short bursts. The video below shows an ...

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    Video: Yes, you can change a tire on a moving car

    Changing tires while moving – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Can you change a tire quickly? It doesn't matter, because your skills fail to impress this crew of suicidal Saudi stunt drivers. No need for a jackstand when you have three friends, a long stretch of road and the ...


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