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73GT-R owner finds going 200 mph on a public freeway is asking for trouble

We are going to start with the disclaimer: do not try this at home. Ever.

20200-mph Camaro dyno run is a blow out

What's the best way to get the tires off the rims quickly? Not by running the thing at 200 miles per hour on the dyno and having them explode, we're quite sure. That's what happened to a twin-turbo F-body Chevrolet Camaro with 1,800 horsepower at the wheels as it was being prepped for the Texas Mile, when the drag radials decided they would rather die.

25Blowing a tire at 180 mph at Daytona is a wild ride

Of all the things one hopes won't happen in a race car, losing a right rear tire at 180 mph on the high banks at Daytona is likely at the top of the list. That's exactly what happened to Dr. Jim Norman in his Porsche 911 recently. The pirouettes that resulted are the stuff of legend. Norman received a front-row seat to his machine's nose and tail swapping places at least four times before coming to a stop facing the correct direction down pit lane. Miraculously, neither Norman nor his vehicle we

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