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    Official: Autodromo enhances its functional simplicity with Vallelunga Chronograph

    As automotive enthusiasts by profession, there's nothing we love here at Autoblog quite as much as cars. But a distant second for many of us comes watches. Fortunately, there's no shortage of automotive-inspired timepieces out on the market, but the unfortunate reality for many is that the ...

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    Official: Shelby teams up with David Yurman for wristwatch line

    Say what you will, but in this business you're nobody until you have your own watch line. Ferrari has several, Bentley teams up with Breitling, Aston Martin partners with Jaeger-LeCoultre, Bugatti with Parmigiani Fleurier... the list goes on and on, and now includes one more: Carroll Shelby and ...

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    Official: Ferrari contracts Movado for new line of watches

    Having trouble keeping track of which watchmaker is producing timepieces for Ferrari these days? It can get a little confusing. Girard-Perregaux held the license for many years, after which a lackluster partnership was formed with Panerai. Then Cabestan was contracted to make one very ...

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    Official: Bulgari crafts sophisticated Octo Maserati watch

    There's no lack of choices in timepieces for automotive enthusiasts, but unfortunately most of them come down to simply slapping an automaker's name or logo (or that of a racing series or driver) on an existing timepiece and calling it a day. That, however, is not the route Maserati has gone with ...

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    Official: Breitling celebrates new Continental GT with GMT V8 chronograph

    With co-branding arrangements in place with an increasing array of luxury labels, Bentley doesn't limit its brand just to cars these days. But of all the sunglasses, wallets, pens, skis and cashmere scarves licensed by the British purveyor of super-luxury automobiles, few are as well established ...

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    Official: Officine Autodromo places the spirit of vintage Italian racing on your wrist

    Some watchmakers seek out automotive associations – typically in the form of licensing agreements with automakers or racing series. But some just have octane just dripping from their cogs. Like this latest collection from Officine Autodromo. The brainchild of industrial designer Bradley ...

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    Official: Jaeger-LeCoultre celebrates Aston Martin Racing with AMVOX5 LMP1

    There are lots of watchmakers out there leveraging their automotive partnerships with special edition timepieces, but few of them are as convincing as the series Jaeger-LeCoultre produces for Aston Martin. And there are few we'd rather have on our wrists. Most of the AMVOX series are inspired by ...

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    Porsche Design reinvents the Dashboard watch

    There are many elements that go into making a Porsche a Porsche, and one of them is the minimalist dashboard. Ten years ago, Porsche Design, the company's Austrian product design division, took its cues from a 911's instrument cluster and designed a wristwatch after it. And now they've updated ...

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    Porsche Design shows you which way to go with retro compass watch

    Drivers of the Porsche 911 may find it amusingly easy to swing the tail around, though they'll have lost their sense of direction in no time. Fortunately, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche designed a compass watch back in 1978 that combined the functions, as you might have guessed, of a compass and a ...

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    Mansory thankfully lets Graham London design their chronograph for them

    If you're going to provide sportscars to the clientele that can afford them, you'd better be ready to offer them a wristwatch to go with it. Just about every exotic automaker does, and now even the aftermarket firms are lining up to do the same. In the case of Mansory – purveyors of so ...

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    Tudor Fastrider for Ducati proves riding well is all in the wrist

    We come across a seemingly endless array of array of automotive-inspired wristwatches here at Autoblog, but every once in a while we're treated to something a little different. Like this model that's made for motorcycle riders and aficionados. The result of a partnership between Tudor and ...

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    Zenvo's North American special edition ST1 50S comes with watch, $1.8 million price tag

    Denmark may not rank among the countries – like Italy, Germany or England – you'd list as the foremost producer of exotic supercars, but Zenvo is out to change that with the ST1. The Danish sportscar is coming to America courtesy of Red Sea Distribution, and not unlike the new ...

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    TAG Heuer celebrates 100th anniversary of the Indy 500

    Many try, but few capture the racing spirit in watch form as well as TAG Heuer. So it's only fitting that the Swiss watchmaker should be the one to celebrate the 100th anniversary of "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing" – the Indy 500 – as best it knows how: with a special-edition ...

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    Girard-Perregaux R&D 01 stands as the quintessential driver's watch

    Some watchmakers need a merchandizing deal with an carmaker to give their timepieces an automotive theme. Others bank on their sponsorship of racing teams. Girard-Perregaux had Luigi Macaluso. A former racing driver himself, Macaluso served as president of both the Italian Motorsport Federation ...

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    Edox X-Treme Pilot III is specially designed for WRC drivers

    Whereas in circuit racing, drivers are competing against each other wheel-to-wheel, in rallying it's all a race against the clock, and the driver with the fastest time wins. So it follows naturally that rally drivers need the right tool for the job, and this is it: the Edox X-Treme Pilot ...

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    Bernie Ecclestone shows his ugly mug in new Hublot watch ad

    Bernie Ecclestone Hublot ad – Click above to see the complete ad
    It looks like Bernie Ecclestone hasn't slunk off somewhere to heal from his recent mugging in private. As we've previously heard, the controversial Formula One boss was back at work after recently getting beaten about the ...

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    Norschleife watches measure the time that counts

    Time. It's just about the ultimate bragging right when it comes to high-performance automobiles, and it usually comes down to one factor: how fast can said car get around the Nürburgring Nordschleife? Although hundreds of variables can come between a sportscar and a good lap time at the ...

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    Jaeger-LeCoultre unlocks the Aston Martin DB9 with new AMVOX2 Transponder

    Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX2 DB9 Transponder – Click above for high-res image
    Getting into your car is getting slicker all the time. Remember when you used to have to physically put your key in the door to get inside? Most undignified. Keyless entry remotes were followed by automatic proximity ...

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    Spyker times its arrival with custom watch collection

    Spyker Timepieces – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Supercars? Check. High-end sport-ute? On its way. F1 team? Been there. Le Mans program? Done that. Picking up the pieces of a fallen giant to take up position as an automaker to be reckoned with? Come on, something new here. ...

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    Audemars Piguet honors Jarno Trulli with his own chronograph

    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Jarno Trulli Chronograph – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Audemars Piguet has a long history of sponsoring F1 drivers. Rubens Barrichello and Juan Pablo Montoya – race-winning drivers for top teams both – have acted as the brand's ...


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