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time attack

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    Video: Elise Time Attack could be most extreme Lotus yet

    The Lotus Elise has given birth to some seriously fast and varied machinery. Aside from Lotus' own models like the Exige, 2-Eleven, 340R and Europa, electric vehicles like the Tesla Roadster, not to mention the never-released Dodge Circuit and Detroit Electric SP:01, are all based on the Elise's ...

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    SEMA Preview: Gogogear Racing Hyundai Genesis Coupe

    The Hyundai Genesis Coupe – Click to enlarge
    SEMA vehicles come in two main flavors: dropped and Dubbed, or race-prepped and rimmed. This Hyundai Genesis Coupe from Racing obviously falls into the latter, and it "emphasizes racing reliability and high-end ...

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    Team Need for Speed racing team adds Time Attack 1,100-HP Scion TC

    Chris Rado's Time Attack Scion AWD – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Chris Rado has added another car to Team Need for Speed: an 1,100-horsepower all-wheel drive Scion TC taking aim at the Time Attack series. It's taken a few years to take the idea from concept to reality, and ...

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    Video: Jeff Zwart's Porsche GT3 sets Pikes Peak Time Attack 2WD class record

    Jeff Zwart's Porsche 911 GT3 scales Pikes Peak – Click above to watch video after the jump
    We've seen footage of Jeff Zwart practicing for his recent run up Pikes Peak, now filmmaker Will Roegge has delivered unto us the footage from Zwart's Time Attack 2WD class record. Zwart ran his 911 ...

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    SEMA 2009: World's only known four-rotor Mazda RX-8

    BMI Racing Mazda RX-8 four-rotor - Click above for high-res image gallery
    We came across this RX-8 at SEMA and it immediately rang a bell. Time Attack, four-rotor, Mazda RX-8? It's the BMI Racing car we saw on Streetfire a while back. It's said to be the only four-rotor RX-8 in the world and it ...

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    Vizualtech renders time-attack Nissan 200SX

    Vizualtech Nissan 200SX time attack – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The folks over at Vizualtech, the 3D rendering firm that brought you the Audi R8-inspired catamaran and a Le Mans-ready Dodge Challenger are at it again. This time, the team has put together a stunning widebody ...

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    Autoclub Speedway Redline Time Attack and Live Sockets Circuit Battle

    Click the image above for a high-res view.The Redline Time Attack series has been growing steadily since its inception a few years ago. The events follow a format similar to the qualifying portion of a typical race -- essentially fastest time wins. Redline events have been the stage for several ...

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    GT LIVE crew puts together Subaru Tsukuba Challenge

    The one and only time U.S. shores were blessed with Japan's premier motorsports event, Super GT, the folks over at Paramax were behind the scenes. Since then they've organized a number of events under the GT LIVE banner, as well as creating the XDL U.S. Stunt Riding Championship. Now, they've ...

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    Pikes Peak: Millen dominates RWD Time Attack class

    As expected, Rhys Millen and his Pontiac Solstice GXP dominated not only the inaugural 2WD Time Attack class, but when the dust settled, he was four-seconds faster than Nathan Conley in an '03 Subaru WRX Wagon competing in the 4WD division. Millen made it up the mountain in 12:45.153, while his ...

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    Autoblog Night Watch: Europe's Time Attack in full effect

    Time Attack is about the purest a form of motorsport you can get. Take a car, strip it of everything unnecessary, spot weld anything you lay eyes on, throw in the required safety equipment and data systems, then couple the biggest, baddest engine to a close ratio gearbox (sequential preferred), ...

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    Millen set to run Solstice GXP up Pike's Peak

    The organizers of this year's Pike's Peak Hill Climb have added a new Time Attack class to the event, and one of our personal heroes is returning to beat the mountain into submission.Rhys Millen, the pilot of the 550 HP Pontiac Solstice GXP drift car, Pike's Peak veteran, renowned rally racer and ...


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